Legacy:Terranite Cave

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A Terranite, monster that is
met only in Terranite Cave and Troll Cave.

Terranite Cave is a very large cave located north-east from Hurnscald. It's one of three PvP areas, meaning players can attack each other there. It's full of aggressive monsters, and is the only place in game where Terranites spawn, other than the Troll Cave.

There are three ways to get to Terranite Cave.

  • The simplest is to ask Diryn the Traveler. It costs 1500gp, but she will teleport you to the cave entrance directly.
  • If you want to reach it on foot, it will take much more time, since this is a distant place - but on the other hand this way it's free. Starting from Hurnscald, go west. When you will get past farms - a bit before Auldsbel's house - go north. When you reach to the next crossing, turn left, and afterwards follow the path as it turns north. After a while you will see two entrances to caves, enter the left one (the one with a skull on a sign). Inside the Moggun Cave, follow the labyrinth to get the the other exit (simply avoid dead-ends filled with Mogguns). After exiting the cave, continue north (you may meet Blossom there). Use the only other cave entrance you will find there. In this cave it does not matter which way you will choose, you should always eventually arrive at another cave entrance with two signs next to it - that's the entrance to Terranite Cave.
  • Pink Towel teleports to Terranite Cave.

There are no NPCs in this cave, This is the only place where you can get the Terranite Ore, the base material of Terranite Helmet, Leg Armor and Chest Armor . Getting this armor is a quest: the Terranite Armor quest; completing it will allow you to have Terranite Arrows crafted from Heathin.


The signs next to the cave entrance explain that because this place is very far away from Hurnscald, protection spells do not work in the cave, and thus other players may attack you in there (and you can attack them too!). It may be both great fun, as well as really annoying. Not everyone inside kills others, some players have no intention of causing others additional hassle of getting back to the cave, but it's always good to be careful. Mages are especially dangerous, as they can deal 900DMG killing most players in one hit, so it's too late to run away or fight back - Terranite Armor may be useful, as it has special protection against magical attacks.

Killing other players does not bring you money, experience nor items, and dying there does not have any special consequences (apart from the fact that getting back takes money/time). There is a PvP ranking mechanism though.


There is a variety of monsters that can be found in Terranite Cave. That includes:

  • Bats - Scattered throughout whole cave.
  • Mogguns - Most commonly found next to the exit, they have a nice respawn rate, but appear in not a great quantity.
  • Spiders - The cave is full of spiders, there is probably more then you could ever handle on your own.
  • Red Slimes - There are some spots where are incredible amounts of them in Terranite Cave. This makes this cave a great place for hunting red slimes for money. Other players stealing your slimes can be killed (or they may kill you), so usually most of these slimes here are to be taken by one player.
  • Yellow Slimes - Although their quantity is not overwhelming, there are some places where yellow slimes respawn quite fast. Since these spots are in many places, finding another player that will interrupt you is not very likely. Therefore looking for Iron Ore in this cave is probably the fastest way of getting it.
  • Skeletons and Lady Skeletons - Commonly met, usually 'guarding' places where Terranites are.
  • Terranites - They can be found only in the furthest dead-ends of the cave. Usually they are accompanied by Spiders or Skeletons.


This map may come in handy. It has marked locations of places where mobs spawn (without Spiders and Bats, these are far to common there).