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Quest Overview
Starting Location 021-2 Tulimshar
Level 80
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

  1. Go to the Tulimshar northeastern market place in the beginning of the game where you can also see Imec, Hetchel the Weaver, Inar and others. Enter the building there.
  2. Heathin will talk to you about The Wizard's Council Expedition for which he was requested to make some armors. He will ask you for 50 Coals for heating his forge.
  3. When you give Heathin the Coals, he will reward you with 20.000GP and he will then talk about the Terranite Ores. He is very interested by it, but he is too weak to kill Terranites. He will ask you to get some of this Ore for him to forge it and make you a good armor.
  4. First he will ask you for 100 Coals, 10 Terranite Ores and 20,000 GP. When you will give these to Heathin, end the conversation and talk to him once more. You will receive the Terranite Helmet.
  5. Now you will need 200 Coals, 30 Terranite Ores and 40,000 GP. When you will give these to Heathin, end the conversation and talk to him once more. You will receive the Terranite Leg Armor.
  6. Lastly, to get the Terranite Chest Armor, you will need to give Heathin: 250 Coals, 40 Terranite Ores and 50,000 GP.
  7. You ended these quests. If you talk to Heathin once more, he can make you Terranite Arrows (See the Heathin's Terranite Arrows).

Hint: ack

  • If you want to get Terranite Armor start hunting Terranites at level 70 as Speed Archer.If you are level 90+ it's best to hunt Terranites with Banshee Bow.
  • There are places in Terranite Cave where there are three Terranites spawned. The fastest way to gather Terranite Ore is at these places. Three terranites are spawned in period of ~3minutes and you need about 80 Terranite Ores which will take minimum of ~25 hours if you are able to kill Terranites fast.
  • The terranite quest was introduced during the money sink era and the main goal was to purge the overpayment from some in-game bug. The rewards are not so useful items. Right now the server is equilibrated again so the prices were readjusted.
  • Complete this quest if you want to make Heathin's Terranite Arrows otherwise stop at Terranite Leg Armor.
  • At the moment, use the Forest Armor to have +3 DEX instead of losing time to get the +1 DEX of the Terranite Chest Armor. By using forest armour you can save a lot of status points on Dex but Terranite armour gives +10 additional defense and -70 M. Attack. Now the question is do you want +10 additional defense, -50 additional M. Attack (compared with forest armour)which will be devastating for an archer who wants to heal.
  • The only use of terranite chest armour, terranite helmet is in PvP battles.

Terranite Ores are dropped by:


Total Cost:

  • 600 Coals
  • 110,000 GP
  • 80 Terranite Ores