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Thermin is a small residence to the far North West of the land of Kaizei. For more information on navigation, please click on the Navigation page. To get there, you can catch the ferry to Nivalis, and walk towards the North West, or you can walk through from the Woodland Hills, from the high NorthEastern corner of Argaes, and trek through the Deep Snow Forest.

Kaizei continent, with Thermin in the far North West.


The history of Thermin is one of a strong group of people, known as the Talponians, who rebuilt it after The Great Quake hit it hard a number of years ago. After about two years, the townfolk had rebuilt it and even established a method of farming in this vast icy land. The townfolk are fully independent of others, and although they are friendly, they prefer to be separate from the rest of the world. The main residence here is the Blue Sages' Mansion.


There is a Quest in Thermin, which involves many mini-quests. It is the Blue Sage Quest. Follow the link to learn more about it.

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