Legacy:Transmutation Magic Skill

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Level 2

Quest Overview
Starting Location 011-1 Woodland, west of Hurnscald
Level 30 recommended
Prerequisites General Magic Skill Level 1
Redoable No, only once
Reward 'Transmutation Magic Skill Level 2
Cost 1 Mouboo Figurine

What To Do:

  1. Auldsbel is an old wizard who lives in the forest west of Hurnscald. Once you have the General Magic Skill Level 1, you can ask Auldsbel "Can you teach me a spell?"
  2. He will ask you to transmute a Raw Log into a Mouboo Figurine with the #parum boo spell.
  3. After making a perfect Mouboo Figurine, bring it back to Auldsbel. He will inspect it and if it passes inspection then,
  4. Auldsbel will accept having you as a student and you will get his blessing which actually is the Transmutation Magic Skill Level 2.



Total Cost: