Legacy:Wedding Woodland

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 014-1 West of Hurnscald
Level 32
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward 2 Wedding Rings
Cost GP

Getting Married:

  1. From Hurnscald, take the road going to the west. When you passed the second warp, head north. Enter the cave, go left and up. Take the new cave and go to your left. When you will be outside, go left and talk to the Wedding Officiator.
  2. Of course, your fiance needs to be with you. The man has to pay to get the rings, let's hope he is a true gentleman! After buying the 2 wedding rings for 100 GP from the Wedding Officiator, the future husband gives one of the wedding rings to his bride.
  3. After the long dialog with the Wedding Officiator, each young married needs to wear his Wedding Ring. Then go in the delimited area. There, one has to say: "marry [fiance]" where [fiance] is the person you want to marry. (Note that only the caster needs to be in the area, the requested partner only needs to be adjacent, which can lie outside of this area.)
  4. That's it, when you agreed together, you are married! Congratulations!

Getting Divorced:

  1. Still at the same place, ask for a divorce. Your partner doesn't necessarily need to be online.
  2. Pay 500 GP/level to get divorced.
  3. You can now marry yourself once again.


  • This is only a game, this isn't serious!
  • If someone doesn't want to be married, leave that person alone, don't insist. Everyone has their own choices.
  • Don't use colored words when saying: "marry [fiance]".
  • Can't find the location of your spouse in game? Try using #inzuwilt to detect if your spouse is in a near by area. (This only works if you both have your wedding rings equipped).


  • 2 Wedding Rings

Total Cost:

  • 100 GP to get married
  • 500 GP/level to get divorced

Note that you can also get married or divorced in Tulimshar too.

Warning to Manaplus users: A Manaplus-TMW server incompatibility prevents the "marry" declaration to be correctly handled when you use colored text. Set your text color to default before marrying.