Legacy Agostine's Dream Dress

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 020-2, Agostine's workshop.
Level 60 required
Prerequisites You must have created Agostine's Fur Gloves and Boots


completed the quest with Lora Tay
Redoable No, only once
Reward 1 Fine Dress
Cost 180 Silk Cocoons, 20 Cotton Cloths, 20 000 gp

Background Story

It appears that Agostine has a great project. He plans to carry out his master piece, a real artwork: a new dream dress. But his sewing skills are limited. He needs the help from someone who excels at hand-sewing, for he is more adept at fine fancywork. Luckily, there is one in the Argaes region, and you have already met her. Unfortunately she has a rivalry-based jealously against Agostine. Will you be able to make them cooperate and forget their long held resentments? The effort will be well worth the reward.


You need to be at least level 60, and to have completed both Agostine The Tailor, and Lora Tay The Legendary Seamstress quests, to complete this one. Although the steps to work through this quest are rather straightforward, you may have to muster up some patience while grinding for the necessary items, which you will have to hand over to our two favorite dressmakers. This spoiler is mainly here as a reference.

What To Do:

  • From Nivalis' Soul Menhir, head North-West to the upper part of the village. the first house you meet is Agostine's workshop. Enter and talk with him. If you are level 60, he will speak about the problems he has with a "wonderful fashion". Of course you tell him about Lora Tay in Dimond's Cove. Though "he had almost forgotten about her" and that "she tried to put him out of business" he seems ready to collaborate with her. You will of course go and see Lora Tay for him.
  • When you are with Lora Tay, tell her that you have a proposal. When she knows it comes from Agostine, she will be reactionary and mutter against him a bit and wonder if you are joking. But you say you are serious. And as she is curious, she will ask you to get more information.
  • Return to Agostine. He will tell you that he saw the dress in a dream, and takes you into his confidence by admitting that he lacks sufficient skill to make it by himself. Then he gives you some bundles of fine luxurious cloth to bring to Lora Tay.
  • Go back to Lora. Tell her about the dream and give her the items. She is quite impressed by the quality of these materials, but needs some more to fix Agostine's sewing of the edges.
  • Give her the required 180 Silk Cocoons. But to be able to sew, Lora Tay needs to see the patterns and Agostine didn't give you even a copy of them; you have to travel again!
  • After your journey to Agostine, return to Lora and give her the drawings of the design for the dress. Now Lora Tay needs some time and quietness to work. You must leave her and go outside of Dimond's Inn (Some fresh air will not harm you).
  • Return to Lora. The result is great, but she cannot finish the white flare designs on the bottom of the dress herself, but acknowledges Agostine's ability to do so.
  • Travel again to Nivalis, for it is time to finish the masterpiece. Agostine will accomplish the bottom edge with cotton work, but naturally, more materials are needed.
  • Give 20 Cotton Cloths to Agostine so he can finish the work.
  • He proposes you now to be his ambassador and wear the dress, but you have to pay your contribution: 20,000 GP.
  • If you agree to his deal, you get one Fine Dress. See the Dyes page for the available colors you can have Selim make your prize, if you have the dye. This must be purchased separately, if you wish to dye it.


  • You can find Silkworms in many areas, but the best is probably North East Legacy Woodland\Woodlands, heading East past Sagatha.
  • Grass Snakes have a very high cotton cloth drop rate, as long as you are fast, strong and quick enough. Also, if you are magical, you can get Mouboos to drop a few for you, using the #chipchip spell.

Silk Cocoons are dropped by:

Legacy Cotton Cloth|Cotton Cloths]] are dropped by:


  • 1 Fine Dress (Nicknamed: Agostine's Dream Dress) Defense +8, Magic Attack +3, 35g.
Agostine's dream.png

Total Cost:


Frictor is a leader of the Aethyra Project. The original item was released as "Valentine Dress" (dyable) and imported to TMW as "Platyna Red Dress" with a special unique color. Platyna who hosted this game since the beginning of the project, was the only player to wear it . The "Fine Dress" released with this quest was made after it. Agostine was not the only one to dream about it!