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General Information

Angela is mainly found outside the cave in a dither. What will snap her out of this frustrated state? Here are some commands you could try, but there are no guarantees:

  • #inma Angela,
  • "/me asks Angela "Are you okay?""
  • "/me sings "Kumbaya" to Angela",
  • "/me gently taps Angela on the shoulder",
  • "/me shakes Angela",
  • "/me slaps Angela and shouts "Angela!!! Snap out of it woman!!!"",
  • "/me gives Angela a large bottle of rum",
  • "/me hands Angela a Beer",
  • "/me takes a valium, as Angela is really freaking me out!!!"
  • "/me screams in panic, and runs around wailing"

If all this fails, you could try looking at the quest pages for more help.


Land: Kaizei

Locality: Nivalis

Map Name: Nivalis Port

Map Number: 031-1

Coordinates: 79 24

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