Legacy Annual Quests

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Annual quests are special quests which happen every year to celebrate special dates. They should not be mistaken with special quest-like-events which may be organized by developers.

Level Required Quest Title Event Period Main Reward Icon
1 Shannon's Bowler Hat Jan 24th to 26th Bowler Hat Equipment-head-bowlerhat.png
40 Easter Eggs Hunt Mar 22th to Apr 25th Each year different one of two
different colored Eggshell Hats
40 Trick Or Treat Oct 1st to Nov 2nd Autumn Mask or Bucket Equipment-head-autumnmask.png Equipment-head-buckethat.png
40 Parua's Brother Oct 30th to Nov 2nd Jack's Skeleton Charm Equipment-charms-skeletoncharm.png
45 Oscar's Pumpkins Nov 4th to 30th Golden Delicious Apple Use-food-goldendeliciousapple.png
40 recommended Snowman's sweets Dec 1st to end of Feb Santa Hat Equipment-head-santahat.png
50 recommended Santa's Stolen Presents Dec 1st to Jan 7th Turtleneck Sweater Equipment-chest-turtleneck.png