Legacy Dimond's Cove

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Dimonds Cove outside.png

Dimond's Cove is a large building southeast of Hurnscald containing a bar, a kitchen, shops, an inn, and entertainment. It is owned by its namesake, Dimond.


Dimond's Cove was built for Dimond D. Stone by the adventurer Merlin. Dimond sold food at the present location of Dimond's Cove before she met Merlin outside of the desert mines one day. Merlin was an accomplished carpenter and wanted to create something new in the world. And so, Merlin gathered the tools and after much hard work, Dimond's Cove was built. According to the history posted on the second floor of the building, construction occurred in January 2008.


You can reach Dimond's Cave by travelling southeast from Hurnscald. It's quite easy to find as its a large building located in the woodlands where there are no other buildings. You can see it clearly on the minimap. The easiest directions for someone are probably to follow the path West out of Hurnscald until it turns from cobblestone to dirt. It is at that point that you should start going southwest. But if you expand your minimap, you should be able to see the huge building already, nestled at the rivers' bend.

Dimonds Cove inside.png


There are a number of vendors located in Dimond's Cove.

Waitress (1st floor)

Bartender (1st floor)

General Store (2nd floor)

Blacksmith (2nd floor)


Basil is the keeper of the inn on the 3rd floor of Dimond's Cove. A rest will run you 200 GP.

Jerry, Phil, and Robert

Onstage at Dimond's Cove are three would-be musicians, Jerry, Phil, and Robert. This is a clear homage to three members of the Grateful Dead, an American jam band whose 30 year run from 1965-1995 has been called rock's longest, strangest trip. The three NPCs here most likely represent the presence of the band's lead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, the bassist, Phil Lesh, and the rhythm guitarist, Bob Weir. Appropriately, their time in The Mana World seems to be plagued by an occurrence that was common during their long performances: equipment problems. Currently, there is no quest to help the boys out, but an opportunity might arise in the future.


Just outside of the building is a great place to train on Log Heads, Mouboos, Snails, and Spiky Mushrooms. The mob count and spawn rates are both high, and it's usually empty of players.