Legacy Evil Obelisk

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 018-3, Woodland Mines level 1
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward None
Cost Various GP


Land: Argaes

Locality: Woodland Mining Camp

Map Name: Northern Mines

Map Number: 018-3

Coordinates: 16 28

The Evil Obelisk is an NPC that summons various mobs, depending on how much money you pay it. Therefore it can be used for spawn parties made by players. It is located North of Hurnscald. Before entering the Woodland Mines go East and look for another cave entrance. Enter this cave and you will see the Evil Obelisk to the right of the cave.

What To Do:

Talk to the Evil Obelisk and you will see the following dialogue, including a menu, in which you can choose, whether you want to pay it money:

"A mystical aura surrounds this stone. It seems to crave money.

  • Don't pay it anything.
  • Pay it 6,000 gold.
  • Pay it 4,000 gold.
  • Pay it 3,000 gold.
  • Pay it 2,800 gold.
  • Pay it 2,500 gold."

Before you decide to pay it, have a look at what it will spawn:


  • Pay the Evil Obelisk only when you really want to organize a spawn party. Don't use it to fight a certain mob - it's cheaper to just go to this mob.
  • You're better off visiting the Graveyard and Crypt if you want to fight Fallens, Zombies, Skeletons and Lady Skeletons.
  • A Poison Skull and a Fire Skull can both be found in the Woodland Mines, right next to the cave where the Evil Obelisk is located.
  • Snakes are also in the Woodland Mines, scattered throughout caves. Going North, head straight through the top left portal, and you will find them, along with many other creepy crawlies.
  • If you go West after entering the mine, and if you continue along to the end of that path, take an exit through either of the exits to the South, and you will also find Grass Snakes.
  • Before paying 2,500 GP to have a chance to see Mountain Snakes, you are better off using the ferry for free to travel to Tulimshar and head South East through the desert to the Desert Mountains, where many Mountain Snakes live.
  • Cave Snakes also live in the mine there, and they are the easiest of the snakes to kill, so probably not worth summoning. They are non-aggressive.


Before the changes of 7th June 2013, the prices were 200,000 GP, 100,000 GP, 75,000 GP, 50,000 GP and 25,000 GP. Therefore the Evil Obelisk was far too expensive and players didn't use it.

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