Legacy Guild (Bot)

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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World.
Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.

Legacy Guild (Bot) is a friendly bot that sits in the theatre. It is used as a substitute for the missing guild support. In order to use it you have to be invited to an existing guild who has it's own channel. When you want to create your own group, ask a Game Master for more information, in game, on Forum, or on IRC. This bot was brought to TMW courtesy of The Phoenix Council and written by Jero.

Mana users

To be able to use Legacy Guild (Bot), Mana users must either:

  • Issue commands in "public" chat tab in the following format:
 /w guild !command <parameter>
  • open a chat tab ("/q guild"), then type the command:
!command <parameter>

Manaplus users

Manaplus users can use mana users commands too. Manaplus also emulates the original guild behaviour in TMW Athena (actually removed by the TMWa developer). To enable this feature they have to check the options "activate guild bot support" in Setup window, MISC tab under bot support section. When belonging to a guild, this will allow a guild chat tab (in chat window) and a guild tab (In SOCial window) to open on character login. The first will display guild chats, the second displays the member list and the online members.

It happens, since guild is installed on platinum, that guild feature doesn't show up properly at login. In this case type in chat the command:

/w guild !getonlineinfo 123 (123 can be replaced by any sequence of 3 digits)


The Guild (Bot) has the following commands:

Legacy Guild (Bot) commands
command Description Min. level
!help Displays command help 0
!leave Makes you quit the guild chat 0
!info Displays guild information 0
!showinfo guild will display connection
messages and other information
!hideinfo hide guild information messages 0
!invite <Name> Invite the char named <Name> in your guild 5
!setmotd <message> Set message of the day 5
!removemotd Remove message of the day 5
!remove <Name> Remove the char named <Name> from your guild 10
!disband Disbands your guild 10
!setaccess <access level> <Name> gives <access level> to <Name>,
<access level> must be lower than yours.

access level:

  • >= 1 - member can use chat.
  • >= 5 - member can invite and change guild login message (!setmodt).
  • >= 10 - Leader can kick a member from the guild chat, promote another guild member(up to your level), and disband the guild.
  • = 20 - Admin can create a new guild, remove any guild, or change guilds and make a global announcement to all guild chats.

Admin Commands

The Legacy Guild (Bot) has the following Admin commands:

Legacy Guild (Bot) Admin commands
command Description
!addguild <Name>,<Guildname> Adds the new guild Guildname with the player Name as the founder (no whitespace around the comma).
!removeguild <Guildname> Removes the guild Guildname
!global <message> Sends message to all guild-chats
!listallonline Lists all online users that are in a guild
!joinguild <Guildname> Makes you join the guild Guildname