Legacy Halloween Items

The items are sorted first by price, then by ID.


Image Name (ID) BUY/Sell Weight Description Rarity
Equipment-charms-skeletoncharm.png Jack's Skeleton Charm (1197) 0 GP
0 gp
10 A mysterious charm said to only work at a special time of year Quest
Generic-tongue.png Tongue (3004) 5 GP
1 gp
5 A horrible, slimy tongue. No longer obtainable
Generic-scissors.png Scissors (1280)
A dangerous barber.
1000 GP
500 gp
120 A pair of awkward and unwieldy scissors. No longer obtainable
Halloween 2010
Generic-fakefangs.png Cheap Plastic Fangs (1233) 20000 GP
10000 gp
1 A costumed Dracula's must. Doesn't really suck blood. No longer obtainable

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