Legacy Iron Ingots

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 001-2 Legacy Tulimshar
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward Iron Ingot
Cost 5 Legacy Iron Ores, 10 Legacy Coals,
1,000 GP

You will need several Legacy Iron Ingots if you want to deal with Legacy Nicholas the Blacksmith in order to obtain decent armors and shields as well as to enhance your Legacy Short Sword in the Setzer.

What To Do:

  1. Head south-east of the port of Legacy Tulimshar, and go inside of the building you find there.
  2. Once inside, talk to Legacy Jhedia. Jhedia converts Legacy Iron Ores into Iron Ingots, but with a cost.
  3. Currently, the cost to convert 5 Legacy Iron Ores to 1 Iron Ingot is 10 Legacy Coals and 1,000 GP.


  • Because of this system, the good armors are really hard to create but don't worry, you will get them.


Total Cost:

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