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Jack is located in Hurnscald just West of the Soul Menhir.

Jack Lumber is a hard working lumberjack. He's okay! In his prime he was the fastest lumberjack that Hurnscald had ever seen. He worked all night, and he worked all day. His wood was used for many different things. Arrows, bows, shields, firewood, raw logs, even living wood for special bows. Almost anything made of wood came from Jack, until one day he refused to collect living wood anymore. A Twigleaf tree is the only tree that gives living wood. And it seems it didn't like Jack cutting on it anymore, so the Twigleaf tree hit Jack back. At first Jack just thought it had been the wind that caused this. So Jack went back to chopping. Then, smack, another branch hit him. Jack got angry and started to chop all the branches he could reach, until what happened next. After he had chopped off a few branches the whole tree came to life. It started to move right for Jack. The roots tore from the earth, all the branches started swinging in all directions. Then a face appeared on the trunk of the tree.

Jack fought as much as he could. He took his axe and started attacking the beast. It left Jack covered in wounds. Jack didn't give up! He cut down trees! He skipped and jumped! It seems that only after chopping the roots his battle ended. Now seeing as this had stopped the battle you would think that Jack would return to his work, but Jack had to rest after such a battle and when he looked up he was surrounded by more living trees. Dozens of them. Seeing how it had taken all his strength just to fight off one living tree, he was no match for dozens of the monsters. Jack ran out of the forest as fast as he could and when he looked back he could see the living trees couldn't keep up with their little root legs. Now Jack still chops down trees. He just will not chop Twigleaf trees or gather living wood anymore. Jack only tells a few people of this. He thinks that everyone will think he is insane. Rumor has it that in his spare time, he likes to press wild flowers, such as the many herbs that grow around the area.


Other Useful Information

Jack is one of the only NPC's in the game that you can beat in a staring contest.