Legacy Pachua the Hermit Indian

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 006-1 Desert Mountains
Level 55 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward Various items
Cost Various items

Pachua is skilled in the art of leather work. He can craft several useful items for you. See the table below.

Leather Works Resources Cost
Jeans Chaps
+6 Defense
1 Jeans Shorts
10 Snake Skins
10,000 GP
Cowboy Hat
+6 Defense
1 Fancy Hat
2 Snake Skins
5,000 GP
Leather Patch* 1 Snake Skin 300 GP

* You'll need to talk to Nicholas before Pachua will offer to make the Leather Patch. Ask Nicholas about the Steel Shield if you have at least 6 Iron Ingots and 12 Coals in your inventory.

Snake Skins are dropped by:

Jeans Shorts are dropped by:

Fancy Hats are dropped by:


Pachua lives in the Indian village which is on a plateau at the top of the snake-filled Desert Mountains. There are numerous ways to reach Pachua:

Teleport to Pachua

Teleportation is the quickest and safest way to reach Pachua. In the Old Wizard's house in the northeastern Woodlands, there is a magic scroll that will teleport you directly to the Indian Village:
Magic-Notes.png Note: the scroll will teleport you to the Indian Village only if you have completed the Speed Skill Quest, otherwise it will teleport you to Miriam.

Walk to Pachua

There are two methods mentioned below to get to Pachua.

  1. Click on this link to the Snake Pit for a written list of directions to Pachua, or...
  2. Follow the purple line.
Desert Mountains
Desert Mountains Cave
Outback Cave
Pachua's Village