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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World.
Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
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Here is information regarding the scrolls at the Old Wizard's residence. Important notice! The picture is out-of-date. It will be updated shortly.

Although the picture shows otherwise, here is what the links do:

  • The parchment named Sagatha in the picture takes you to a spot in the South Western Woodlands, at the very bottom of the map that is directly South of Dimond's Cove. It is in this map that you find Gwendolyn.
  • The mirror still changes your hair to a random color or style.
  • The parchment named "Pachua" in the picture takes you to a random spot among the snake caves, which are on the way to Pachua, or may even take you to Pachua's tribe. Be prepared for Mountain Snakes attacking you. This being said, it is possible you will appear outside the cave right next to Pachua, which helps a lot.
  • The parchment named "Dimond" in the picture now takes you to the Wizard's Council, on the South [Legacy_Tulimshar|Tulimshar]] map, but technically, it is North, directly from the Tulimshar Ferry.
  • The parchment named "Spiders" now takes you instead to a cave full of Cave Snakes, just south of Woodland Hills, near Faris the Traveler. This is just to the right a little from the Old Wizard's hut.
  • As for the parchment that says "You may spawn in any cave of Nivalis", if you love Yetis...er... if you like to be mauled and outnumbered by powerful monsters that are hard to defeat one-on-one, let alone by a handful of them, this is the cave for you. It will take you to a cave in Nivalis to experience the lovely pleasures of patting a wild Yeti.
  • The parchment named "Nudity" removes any clothing you have on, excepting your undergarments of course.
  • The parchment named "Death" is pretty accurate really...not much more to say about that.