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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald's hospital
Level 35
Prerequisites Focusing Skills
Redoable No, only once
Reward Resist Poison Skill,
11,000 EXP
Cost Various items

Important Notes:

  • This skill increases your resistance to poison and causes the poison to last for less time.
  • The more Vitality, Luck and experience your character has, the rarer he will be poisoned.

What To Do:

  1. From Hurnscald's center, head East and enter the hospital.
  2. Talk to the Nurse and ask her to teach you how to resist poison.
  3. Now bring her the 5 Snake Tongues and the 10 Black Scorpion Stingers she asked you. You will receive 300 EXP.
  4. After she took the venom from these items, bring her 10 Acorns, 5 Red Apples, 5 Green Apples, 5 Oranges and 3 Small Healing Potions. You will get 700 EXP.
  5. You now have to complete the minigame and make the antidote to have the Resist Poison Skill. You have 3 tries before you have to get all the ingredients again so think before putting random numbers.

The Minigame:

Note: First, the Nurse tells you an approximation of how much of each item you need to be able to do the Resist Poison Skill. Note that these ranges are only approximations.

Quantity Expression
1-4 Very Little
5-8 Only A Little
9-12 Little
13-16 Much
17-20 A Lot
21-24 Very Much
(25-28) A Huge Amount
  • After that, she tells you the ratio between each 2 components, rounded down to the nearest integer, if the ratio is greater than 1 for these components. This can occur by chance, keep in mind that each component has a value between 1 and 24.

For example, she will tell you something in the likes of:

"I see that the healing potions are needed at least 7 times as much as the venom."
"I see that the stabilizer is needed at least 11 times as much as the venom extracts."

So you'll know that, in a scale up to 24, healing potion is 7 * venom and stabilizer is 11 * venom, which would mean something like:

Component Quantity
Stabilizer 11 * x < 24
Healing Potion 7 * x < 24
Venom Extract x

Since you know that stabilizer is lower than 24 you can guess that venom = 2 and potion = 14.

  • However, if the ratio rounds to 1, she won't say anything about that pair, so you'll know it in the way you'll have to guess those values according to the first table above. Them you can try a given amount and you'll find your way through the messages she will give after your attempt, as you'll see below.


  • From the set of messages during the attempt, you can determine whether there was too much healing potion and/or venom:
Healing/Venom Expression
Too much of both The feeling of happiness disappears, but you seem to be still poisoned.
Too much healing Very well, you are sober again.
Too much venom (You die)
Too little of both The antidote seems to have no effect.
Both correct Oh yes, the concentration of the healing potions and the venom extracts seem to be right.
  • And, if you didn't die, the nurse tells you directly whether the stabilizer was correct, too little, or too much.


Total Cost (Per 3 attempts):