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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald Inn
Level 60
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once
Reward Black Boots
Cost Various items

What To Do:

  1. Enter the Inn and go left, you will see Olana in the back. Talk to her and you'll understand that she is the daughter of the Inn's owner. She comes from Tulimshar and came to Hurnscald with her two twin daughters, Rossy and Julia.
  2. You will understand pretty quickly that the mother is afraid for her two daughters that are wandering in the woods near by. You will need to find them for her.
  3. To find Rossy, you will need to go past Gwendolyn (Mallard's Eye Skill lady), then west into the woods. Talk to Rossy and then come back to the Inn to tell Olana that Rossy is fine.
  4. Come back to see Rossy, she needs help. Collect 10 Cherries for her by killing Snails. Then show them to her. You'll receive 2,000 EXP.
  5. Now talk to Olana and give her the cherries. You'll receive 1,000 EXP and 1,000 GP. Then listen to her, she wants you to give Rossy a letter she got from her teacher. Walk down to Rossy.
  6. Hand the letter to Rossy. She needs ingredients for her potion, she has an exam. Come back with all the ingredients and you'll receive 3,000 EXP.
  7. Take the ferry to Tulimshar and head up towards the magic school. Talk to David and give him Rossy's potion (2,000 EXP).
  8. Now come back to Hurnscald and talk to Olana, as she would like to reward her child. Bring her 15 Red Roses. After Olana sees the 15 Red Roses, give them to Rossy. Guess what...Rossy is allergic to Roses! Go back to Olana.
  9. Now take 15 Red Tulips and give them to Rossy (2,500 EXP). You'll get 1,500 GP from Olana because you paid for the flowers.
  10. Talk once more to Rossy and ask her about Julia. Talk again to Rossy, she saw Julia! She was forced to enter the cave West from where Rossy stands. Enter that cave! You hear distant screams of fear... freaky.
  11. Enter the first cave you see inside and talk to Clauquer, who will teach you several things about the caves. Information like evil forces residing in each of these caves and that you need Roots, healing items and potions to be able to kill these evil forces.
  12. Take 10 Roots with you and start the battles, you'll need to clean the 9 caves you can see. To start the battle, click on the pentagram and place a root on it. Watch out, you cannot stay too long in these caves! When the cave is clean , you receive 10 Boss Points (for each cave).
  13. When you're done with these 9 caves, enter the 10th one, south of this main cave, you'll see a Skeleton guarding its entrance. Finish the battle by killing the boss to receive 50 Boss Points. Pick up the drops. You'll then find Julia, talk to her.
  14. Julia will give you the Black Boots and 5,000 EXP.
  15. Now get out and talk to either Rossy or Olana, you'll receive 5,000 GP and 5,000 EXP as a reward. Olana is now very happy you saved her little daughter from the evil Fey Element. You are done with this quest now.


  • Snails are easy to kill but watch out, they hit hard!
  • You can buy the flowers from Blossom.
  • Hyverns will have you running all around the caves, kill them first.
  • When battling in the caves leave 1 Larvern, sit and heal before killing the last Larvern, you'll be fresh for the next round of monsters.

Cherries are dropped by:

Cactus Drinks are dropped by:

Maggot Slimes are dropped by:

Gamboge Herbs are dropped by:

Alizarin Herbs are dropped by:

Bug Legs are dropped by:

Roots are dropped by:


Total Cost: