Legacy Sagatha


Sagatha is a powerful witch living in the Woodlands Hills, north of Hurnscald. She's an expert for the Nature Magic and Astral Magic skills.

Spells taught by Sagatha:

Note: Sagatha will not teach you #kaflosh till you have healed the Injured Mouboo and hugged the Druid Tree, but you can not do the tree with out the #kaflosh spell. Don't panic. It is also taught by Wyara as well, so you will have no problem being able to perform this.

Another factor that affects when Sagatha teaches these spells, is your General Magic level, and what percentage you are at. She will only teach some at certain levels, so you need to increase your magic levels with her by practicing. You can check these levels by the spell #abizit.
For further details on these spells, you should visit the Magic Quests and the Spells pages.

Sagatha also has a specific list of good animals she cares about. You need to kill however the bad ones she doesn't like. The number (#) indicates how much it affects Sagatha. The "unhappiness" of Sagatha is limited to 15 so you don't have to kill a lot of bad monsters to make her happy.

Good Bad
Squirrel (2) Vicious Squirrel
Fluffy (3) Scorpion
Easter Fluffy (3) Angry Scorpion
Reinboo (3) Red Scorpion
Santaboo (3) Black Scorpion
Pollett (3) Wicked Mushroom
Mouboo (4) Demonic Mouboo
Pinkie (3) Bluepar

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