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Scarab Armlet

Item ID: 585

A scarab armlet.
Equip Level-
Stats increaseM.Attack +5
Stats decrease-
Buy PriceN/A GP
Sell Price4,000 GP
Weight200 g


The Scarab Armlet is one of the rarest and most sought-after items in The Mana World. Very few people own one. It is not obtainable in the game anymore.

Remember that Shields can only be equipped with a One-Handed Weapon.

The Scarab Armlet is the only Shield that doesn't boost your defense and the only one that doesn't give a penalty on Magic Attack (like the huge magic penalty the others have). It even boosts a player's Magic Attack by 5. This makes it useless for warriors but an interesting alternative for other player styles.

The Scarab Armlet doesn't allow equipping a two-handed weapon like a staff or bow, but together with the Rock Knife which boosts your Vitality by 3, the Scarab Armlet can become quite handy.


  • None, as this item is unobtainable in the game and can only be obtained by trading with other players.

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