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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level 60
Prerequisites Bone Knife Quest
Redoable No


What To Do:

  1. Go to the Blacksmith's shop. Head south of the tree in Hurnscald and take the street to the right. Enter the last house. Nicholas is in there.
  2. With at least 3 Iron Ingots, 6 Coals and a Short Sword in your inventory, talk to Nicholas The Blacksmith in Hurnscald.
  3. Say "I have some Iron Ingots!" and then "Can you make my Short Sword better?"
  4. Nicholas will tell you that you need items, including Monster Oil. Ask him what Monster Oil is.


Items Needed:

Note: You only need those in your inventory, they won't get consumed yet.



What To Do:

  1. Walk west from the tree, until you pass underneath the first bridge. Head south through the field, under the bridge, and around to the northeast is Rauk (map 011-1).
  2. Ask him to make Monster Oil. He will refuse to make it. He will, however, give you the recipe.

The recipe is:

Note: This is only the recipe. You don't need those items yet, but later when making the recipe.



Since Rauk refuses to make the Monster Oil you have to find someone else instead.

Caul The Alchemist is the one you are looking for.

What To Do:

  1. Head north from the tree in Hurnscald, and before reaching the cave, head left. The house there is the mining camp. Caul is in there (map 018-2).
  2. Ask Caul about Monster Oil. He will tell you that he does not remember the recipe for Monster Oil, but you will tell him that Rauk gave it to you.
  3. Ask him about a Golden Scorpion Stinger.

However, Caul knows about the Golden Scorpion Stinger but doesn't own one.

You have to find someone owning this stinger and give it to Caul.



Kfahr owns a Golden Scorpion Stinger but you need a little strategy to make him talk and give it to you.

What To Do:

  1. Go to the Hurnscald Inn (map 009-2). It's the house north of the flower meadow where the two Pink Flowers are.
  2. Buy 5 Beers from the bar tender (if you don't already have them).
  3. Give a Beer to Kfahr and listen to his first story and give him the items he needs.
  4. Listen to each story, giving him a beer before each one.
  5. Ask Kfahr about Golden Scorpions.
  6. Arm wrestle with him and choose "Slam!"
  7. Close the speech box, then reopen it again.
  8. Give Kfahr 10 Snake Skins for the Golden Scorpion Stinger.


Snake Skins can be obtained from:


Make the Monster Oil


Now as you have the Golden Scorpion Stinger you can make the Monster Oil so head back to Caul.

Brewing the monster oil is difficult if you do not understand the mechanics behind it. This part of the quest requires some logic and even then it can blow up purely by chance. You need to understand the colors and what to add when making the oil. A high Intelligence helps to reduce the probability of an explosion.

What To Do & Hints:

  • The oil has a color which you need to change by adding herbs.
  • The color you want is dark gray and then you want to add one Mauve Herb. Remember that the mixture also has a randomization of adding and removing colors.
  • Once you start brewing your oil, you will be able to add one leaf at a time. When you do so, the following events happen in order:
  1. If this is an add turn, the oil has a 2 in 3 chance to add one of the three primary colors at random, and a 1 in 3 chance of becoming lighter
  2. If this is a remove turn, the oil will remove one color at random
  3. Your leaf will take effect (if, at this point, the oil is a Dark Gray, and you added a mauve leaf, you will have completed brewing your monster oil)
  4. Read the options carefully and see if it is a add turn or a remove turn. There is no way to "remove" any colours, so be careful. The oil process may randomly remove something, but you have no ability to do anything with this factor.
  5. If you select "Duck" at any stage in the process, the oil will explode, although you will survive. You will lose your ingredients that are consumed for that go, and you will have to start again.

The following table lists the effects of each herb when adding:

Herb Effect
Alizarin Herb Adds red
Gamboge Herb Adds yellow
Cobalt Herb Adds blue
Mauve Herb Darkens the oil, or completes it if added to dark gray
(remember the monster oil adds or removes its color first!)

Also note the secondary colors and gray (there has been "dark white" as an option, but this may have been a fault):

Composite Color Primary Components
Orange Red + Yellow
Green Yellow + Blue
Purple Red + Blue
Gray Red + Yellow + Blue


At any point in this process any of the following events can trigger an increase in bubble level in your oil:

  • A color that doesn't exist is removed
  • A color that already exists is added
  • The oil becomes lighter than "light"
  • The oil becomes darker than "dark" (unless the current color is gray, in which case you will be done)

The levels of bubbling are, in order:

  • Calm
  • Bubbling
  • Bubbling Violently

If the boiling level increases to more than "bubbling violently" then the oil will explode, you will die, and you will need to gather new ingredients (although you will still keep your Golden Scorpion Stinger). The percent chance of the oil bubble level increasing is 6100/(int+100) for the effect of herbs you add and 7100/(int+100) for colors added randomly (replace INT with your Intelligence level and paste those formulas into Google to get your percent).

The table below lists percentage probabilities of the oil being raised a level or more from either one (or both) events

Intelligence Adding a herb Random color
1 60.40% 70.30%
10 55.45% 64.55%
20 50.83% 59.17%
30 46.92% 54.62%
40 43.57% 50.71%
50 40.67% 47.33%
60 38.13% 44.38%
70 35.88% 41.76%
80 33.89% 39.44%
90 32.11% 37.37%
99 30.65% 35.68%

As you can see from the table above, there is a much better chance of success if you have a high intelligence level. It is recommended, if you can afford it, that you reset your stats by talking to Malivox in Tulimshar, or Wyara in Hurnscald. They are the ones who can reset your stats. Still, it is a highly random process.


Throughout the brewing processes you should use this information to calculate what herbs will most likely get your Monster Oil (or at least use it to make an educated guess). The most difficult task is preventing the bubble level from rising and sometimes the only way to survive is to take a chance and hope that the color you need added or subtracted is the one chosen randomly by your monster oil.

When you first start, your oil should be a medium, calm, primary color (red, yellow, or blue) from here you can add a color herb or Mauve Herb to darken it. Remember that before your leaf takes effect, the oil will add its own random color. It is very important that you keep track of whether the next random color will be added or removed by the oil.

First add a Mauve Herb to the oil to make it a dark color (if the oil lightens, you need to add another). Once you have it dark, follow the instructions based on the color and round you are on until you have your oil or it explodes:

  • Light or Medium Color:
    • Add mauve
  • Dark Primary Color:
    • Add one of the colors you are missing. (Note: If you are on a round where the oil adds a color, there will be a 2/3 chance that the bubbling will increase, and 1/3 chance of getting gray. On a round where the oil removes a color, there will be 1/3 chance that the bubbling will increase, and a 2/3 chance of getting a secondary color.)
  • Dark Secondary Color:
    • On a round where the oil adds a color:
      Add a mauve herb and hope that the oil adds the third color you need. (Note: This gives you 2/9 chance of getting your oil now, a 1/3 chance of nothing happening because the oil lightens, and a 4/9 chance to have two chances to increase bubbling. (see the "from both" columns in the probability table above))
    • On a round where the oil removes a color:
      Add the color you are missing (Note: there is a 2/3 chance that you will get a secondary color, but a 1/3 chance to get dark gray and a chance to increase the bubble level.)
  • Dark Gray:
    • On a round where the oil adds a color:
      Add a mauve leaf (Note: There is a chance of getting your oil and a chance of the oil getting lighter and negating the mauve leaf. The oil may also explode.)
    • On a round where the oil removes a color:
      Add whatever color you think it will remove. (this is completely random, so good luck) (Note: There is a 1/3 chance to keep the oil dark gray for the next round. If that fails, however, (see the "from both" columns in the probability table above) the bubble level may increase, and you will get a secondary color next round).

Costs (per attempt):

Note: The Golden Scorpion Stinger will not be consumed on a bad batch.


Talk Again To Nicholas


What To Do:

  1. With at least 3 Iron Ingots, 6 Coals and a Short Sword in your inventory, talk to Nicholas The Blacksmith in Hurnscald.
  2. Say "I have some Iron Ingots!" and then "Can you make my Short Sword better?"
  3. Give him the items and GP you collected and receive your reward.



  • Setzer (+110 Damage)
  • 100,000 EXP

Total Quest Rewards

  • Setzer (+110 Damage)
  • 280,000 EXP

Total Quest Cost

  • 1 Pearl (+1 more for each time you fail to make monster oil)
  • 1 Short Sword
  • 2 Piles Of Ash (+2 more for each time you fail to make monster oil)
  • 3 Black Scorpion Stingers (+3 more for each time you fail to make monster oil)
  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 5 Beers
  • 6 Coal
  • 12 Snake Skins (+2 more for each time you fail to make monster oil)
  • A lot of Herbs (it is recommended to have at least 50 of each whenever you start making monster oil)
  • 50,000 GP