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Throughout the game, you will find several merchants which will sell various items. Some items can have a difference price in different shops but some items are only sold in one shop. Shops are used to sink the money in game because most of the items you can buy there are often dropped by some monsters.

Tulimshar Hurnscald Nivalis Candor Graveyard Main Koga Candor Koga
Ardra Alan's Apprentice Bracco Rosen Chef Cooky Chef Armand
Bartender Barkeeper Mede Toichi Estrilda Gunney
Drabur Bartender Leofwin
Gungnir Bartender|Bartender (Duels) Umfrey
Hetchel Blacksmith
Inar Blossom
Inya Fruit Store
Ishyah Garçon
Latoy General Store (Dimond's Cove)
Mjolnir General Store (Hurnscald)
Money Changer Peter
Neko Potions Shop
Reathe (Exotic Trader) Waitress