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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World.
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Stats are values used in-game that determine how your character performs both in general and in specific situations. The majority of these values can be viewed with the Status window and are able to be increased with time and effort. However, there are also other figures that are visible elsewhere and are important to be aware of.

Player Information


Health or HP is an value that determines how much damage you can take without dying. Damage in battle as well as damage over time from poison. Both reduce your current health while potions and magic are able to restore your health. Once your character's health reaches 0, your character will die. Your current health is also naturally restored over time, although this may be influenced by your current weight (see below). It is important to note that your maximum health is connected to your Vitality level.


Both items and players have "weight" statistics represented in grams and kilograms. In the case of Items, this is a static weight for each item type. For players, the weight is determined by the total weight of items in his or her inventory. Your current weight is 21kg plus 300g (0.3kg) per point of Strength. Your weight is important because as it reaches halfway, it can encumber you to the effect of keeping you from naturally restoring your health and mana.


Experience is a value that you accumulate both by killing monsters and completing certain actions or dialogues (usually quests). When you reach your displayed maximum experience, your Level will increase by one and your displayed experience will be reset. The maximum amount of experience required for you to reach the next level is progressively increased per your player level. The values for this increase are not calculated by a formula.


Your player's level, as determined by your experience, is a mark of how much you have advanced. In particular, this is useful because each level increase grants you Character points. You are free to spend to increase your leveled stats. Some figures, such as maximum health, are automatically increased as your level is increased.

Mana Points

Mana points, or MP, represent the amount of magical energy you have. Using magic spells drains your mana points. Your maximum Mana points are increased by your Intelligence level. If you do not have more than half of your weight capacity in your inventory, your Mana Points will come back naturally, just like Health Points.

Leveled Stats

These stats can be raised with character points gathered from each player level increase. They are essential to advancing and surviving in the game world.

About Status Points:

Note All divisions ( / ) in TMW are integer divisions (quotient).

  • At each Base Level you gain a number of Status Points. These points can be used to improve your 6 main Stats. The number of points gained at each Base Level can be calculated as [(BaseLevel+14)/4]=[(BaseLevel+2)/4] + 3.
  • The cost of improving a Stat increases as the Stat rises (the base amount only). The cost to increase a Stat by one can be calculated as [(BaseOfStat - 1)/ 10] + 2. For instance, if you have 29+3 Dex, then it will cost [(29-1)/10]+2 = 2+2 = 4 Status Points to improve it to 30+3.


Raises your attack speed and your dodge.

  • +1 to Flee/Evade per point.
  • Increased attack speed per point (This is also based on the attack speed of the weapon you are using).


Raises your bow damage and your accuracy (minimum damage on hit).

  • +1 to Hit per point. Note that the chance to hit a target is then reduced by (distance * (distance + 1)).
  • Increased attack speed per point (This is also based on the attack speed of the weapon).
  • +1 base damage per point for missile weapons.
  • A bonus of (Dexterity/10)^2 for missile weapons (such as bows). Note that (Dexterity/10) is truncated so that this bonus only changes every 10 points of Dexterity.
  • +1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons.
  • +1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If dexterity exceeds the attack value of the melee weapon, use the attack of the melee weapon for the min. value (ie. The max. and min. values become the same).
  • +0.15% critical chance for melee weapons per point of dexterity


Raises max health points and Defense.

  • +1% to max health points per point.
  • +0.8 weapon Damage reduction (defensive) per point.
  • Healing items effect increased by +2% per point.
  • Every 5 full points of Vitality increases health points recovery power by 1. This affects both healing by resting and healing by heal-over-time items.
  • For monsters, there is a bonus to damage reduction.
  • There is a hidden bonus of +1 Intelligence style Magic Defense per 2 points (currently not used in TMW).
  • If (vitality + (luck / 3)) is greater than or equal to 97, then you are immune to poison.


Raises max lucky dodge.

  • +1 base damage per 5 points of luck for missile and melee weapons.
  • +0.2% critical chance per point of luck.
  • -0.3% enemy critical chance per point.
  • +0.1% "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your evade value) per point of luck (starting at 1% with 0 luck).
  • 3 + (Vitality + (Luck / 3)) % chance of resisting poison.


Raises your MP (Mana Points) and mind abilities.

  • +1 Base Magic Attack per point.
  • +1 Base Magic Defense per point.
  • +1% to Max MP per point.
  • MP Recovery items effect increased by +2% per point.
  • Every 6 full points of Intelligence increases MP recovery power by 1 and past 120 Intelligence, every 2 Intelligence points gives a bonus to MP recovery power of 1.
  • A bonus to min. magic attack.
  • A bonus to max. magic attack.
  • +1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point.


Raises your attack and damage of your hits.

  • +1 base damage per point for melee weapons.
  • A bonus of (Strength/10)^2 for melee weapons. Note that (Strength/10) is truncated so that this bonus only changes every 10 points of Strength.
  • +1 base damage per 5 points for missile weapons.
  • +30 carrying capacity per point of base Strength.

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