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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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Major Cities

Capital city Keshlam is run by it's king and queen and their successors since as far back as the beginning of time. They are your typical monarchy hungry for land and power. The Garason are the plains nomads and tree dwellers that live away from the city. If they are caught too close to the city they are enslaved and the monarchy has been known to send out hunting parties for more slaves. It is because of this that the Garason have become experts at hiding and moving about silently. Some Garason have defied the monarchy, building strong forts to defend themselves along the beaches on the west side of the mountains. These Garason fish for their food and salt the fish from the mountains' many salt mines.


Keshlam is a walled city built of stone at the edge of the ocean. They had traded openly with Tulimshar since the Ancean navy moved in to protect trade routes and their ships have been known to pillage and plunder those peaceful trade ships taking both cargo and people to be used as slaves in the salt mines. Keshlams navy only consists of 8 large ships and for now they are docked at the cities docks on the ocean side. The second wall within the city is 15 ft tall and barbed at the top to protect the castle. There is a plaza out front the slaves call Ending because the large number of torture devices that sit there to be used at the king and queens behest. Slaves that cannot do their work or citizens that become unruly are often disembowled for entertainment or racked depending on how the king and queen feel that day. This practice has diminished since their defeat at Kaizei, although occasionally it is heard of.

Ancient History

Since the early ages of mankind, the Tempurians have been known to be the most cruel and greedy tribe who have ever walked on earth. They have a culture of slavery without limit. Their leaders, who haven't always been kings or queens, have always wanted to rule over the world. They are one of the groups responsible for the war that made Nu'rem try to destroy man.

Recent History

Long before the Quake the Tempurian Empire was already slowly heading towards his fall, but as they have always been conquerors who relied heavily on their colonies and importation, they suddenly lost all their striking force. They also had to deal with the civil disobedience and a revolutionary group that was forming at this time. To get food and material reserves, they decided to invade Garason and taking advantage of the confusion, they installed a new colony there and and managed to beat the revolution with mercenaries they hired. Then, as a lot of those plotting against the king had been sent to the mines, they planned to invade Kaizei too, but their weakened army haven't been efficient against barbarians who threw them down with ease and the freezing weather and they had to retreat. Although they defeated the residents of Garason, it was only due to the element of confusion, and they had to treat their Garasonian colonies with respect. As everybody in the world quietened down, no new war started, although it is said they are still plotting and conspiring to take the land. They involuntarily let their Garasonian colony become a commercial company known as the East Tempurian Company, although these Garasonians wish for peace with those that they trade with.

The Army

Keshlams army is 2000 men strong because every male the age of 16 and up is pressed into service first as a soldier then as a mine keeper as the slaves call them. If they do some extraordinary deeds toward the end of their life they get to be an executioner. The army has yet to break the defenses the nomads have put up on the other side of the mountains and each press into that side depletes the armies numbers more, much to the King and Queens dislike. The female slaves that they capture go to the dukes and lords to make the armies larger and steadily they keep it at 2000 strong sometimes a bit more. Any females that these female slaves have are kept for future breeding purposes. Keshlam though has lost its might, and the uprising that is occurring has changed the way the King and Queen deal with their subjects. It is rumoured that Keshlam may disintegrate as a nation as the soldiers they hold are two-sided due to their family lines, and there are not many who volunteer to take up the position of minekeeper any longer. Things are changing.

Chief Export

The chief export from Keshlam is salt mined from the mountains on the western part of the land they claim. Their other chief export is sugar from the sugar cane fields that the slaves have made.

The Garason

These people are hardy and strong they have made their own mines and fishing villages between their walled outpost and send trade supplies at night secretly to trade with Tulimshar.