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TradeBot is a Legacy Friendly Bots written by Turmfalke. It is located in the Twin's Bank in Hurnscald. You are able to buy items from him which were put in from other players. Trading via TradeBot is only trough "whispering" avaible. TradeBot is not a free software.


You communicate by whispering, so every command have to be a whisper. /w TradeBot <command>

  •  !list

- You can see TradeBots current inventory.

  •  !buy

- You buy an item from the list. Example: /w TradeBot !buy <amount> <ID>

  •  !add

- This command is only avaible for people with special access. How to add an item: !add <amount> <price> <item name> Example: You want to sell 10 Iron Ore, each 5000GP. /w TradeBot !add 10 5000 Iron Ore After a correct command the Bot asks for a Trade. Accept and add your items.

  •  !info

- You can check out your current access level, you max. lines, the money you can pick up and a list of your items.

  •  !money

- You get money which was earned by your sold items.

  •  !help

- You can see a list of the commands.

Access Level

The Access Level decides what commands you are able to use. Ussually a player got Level 10. The Level can only be changed by "Turmfalke". Also the lines you are able to add are decided by Turmfalke. There are only a few player who are level 20 and above.

  • Level 0  : You cannot use TradeBot. This happens, if you spam around or abuse somehow else. Avaible commands: none
  • Level 10  : You are able to buy items. Standard level. Avaible commands: !list, !buy, !help
  • Level 20  : You have special access. Now you can also add items. Available commands: all
  • Level 21+ : You have unlimited access. Available Commands: all


If you need more information or support you can read the official forums thread. Click here