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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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Argaes, of which contains the Woodland area.

Woodland Area

The Woodland area is a large woody area of Argaes, and it hosts many of the supplies that keep the town of Hurnscald alive, as well as providing a gateway to the Asphodel Moor and Graveyard area, and even has a link to the snowy mountainous area of Kaizei, with its capital Nivalis and other towns. It surrounds Hurnscald, as well as containing places like Dimond's Cove.

Woodland is also the gateway to the large cave system that is underneath Hurnscald and other places, such as the Rossy Quest Caves.


The Woodland area contains many monsters from low-level Maggots to high level monsters.

Quests in Woodland Area

Here are some of the quests available in the Woodland area. See the Quests and Magic Quests pages for more information: