Mallard's Eye Skill

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 016-1 Woodland, south from Dimond's Cove
Level 50
Prerequisites Focusing Skills, Forest Bow Quest
Redoable No, only once
Reward Mallard's Eye Skill
Cost None

Important Note:

  • The Mallard's Eye Skill increases the accuracy and range of archery. For example, with 100 in Dexterity, you get +1 Range per 3 points in the skill. In addition, your accuracy remains about the same as without the skill at max Range meaning which that at close range you're much more accurate than without the skill.

What To Do:

  1. Head south from Hurnscald then west. When you will be at Dimond Cove, head south, pass the bridge and head towards the Graveyard, you will see Gwendolyn on your way.
  2. She will ask you for 25,000 GP to pay for the Archery Lesson. To prove that you are already a good archer, bring her 18 Cave Snake Eggs, 15 Snake Eggs, 5 Mountain Snake Eggs, and 2 Grass Snake Eggs.
  3. Complete the minigame about the wind.
  4. After that, you will be done with this Skill.


  • You must have the Forest Bow from the Forest Bow Quest and regular Arrows to do this quest.

The minigame:

Note: If the wind comes from the side (including diagonals), you must make steps (or aim) in that direction.

Steps Expression
0 Windless
1 Slight Breeze
2 Blowing
3 Strong Wind
4 Squall

Note: Next, figure out if the wind is blowing with or against you.

Wind Expression
4 Very Weak
3 Rather Weak
2 Weak
1 Somewhat Weak
0 Medium
1 Somewhat Powerful
2 Powerful
3 Rather Powerful
4 Very Powerful

Keep in mind that wind is kind of random; thus there is always a chance that you shoot "a fingerbreadth aside". A higher dexterity will help though. Don't worry, Gwendolyn is patient and you will have another chance to adjust your shoot.


  • If Gwedolyn says that the wind is "Blowing (2) from the South-West" you will make at first trial, 2 steps to your left, and blow a weak shot.
  • If there is a "strong wind coming from the North (3), you stay and shoot "Rather Powerful".


  • Mallard's Eye Skill
  • 20,000 EXP

Total Cost:

  • 18 Cave Snake Eggs
  • 15 Snake Eggs
  • 5 Mountain Snake Eggs
  • 2 Grass Snake Eggs
  • 25,000 GP
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