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ID: 1028

Level 85

May mutate 1 attribute up to 30%.

Health Points1200
Physical Resistance65%
Magical Resistance5%
Job Experience16

The Mouboo is a long-eared pink quadruped commonly encountered in the woodlands west of Hurnscald. When sheared they drop Cotton Cloth.

The horned Reinboo, found in Nivalis, is a closely related species of the Mouboo family.



When Mouboos tragically perish, they sometimes drop items:
Cotton Cloth (10%)
Bottle of Water (7.5%)
Cotton Cloth (5%)
Reed Bundle (5%)
Cotton Cloth (0.5%)


In-game items resembling mouboos:
Plush Mouboo
Mouboo Figurine
Mouboo Head
Moubootaur Head
During the easter 2012 period, Chocolate Mouboos could be found in Tulimshar's Bakery.


Mouboos live mostly in the North-Eastern part of the Argaes continent. A smaller population still exists in Kaizei, near the Nivalis village. Like their Reinboo and Santaboo cousins, they appreciate open areas where their obvious taste for running can be expressed. Swamp humidity as well as excessive heat doesn't suit their fragile skin. They like the shade of trees and the hills fresh air as well. In the opposite they can show a good resistance to frost (we mean here the cold, not the admin...although they could show him good resistance too I guess.)

Skipping Mouboos
Mouboo and Reinboo in Nivalis
Mouboo stuck in cave entrance


In the Injured Mouboo quest, players meet one of the more widely known Mouboos currently in the game.

The (now unavailable) Moubootaur event featured a Mouboo-like character.


Mouboos are, without exception, non-aggressive by nature, meaning they will not attack unless provoked. Their friendly nature has been observed by many moubooologists, most famously by Sagatha, and it is a defining trait of the species. The one exception to this lack of aggression is the Demonic Mouboo, but this can hardly be blamed on the Mouboo, but on the spellcaster. Still, when a Demonic Mouboo is present, it must be put down. This prevents the spread of disease.

When attacked, Mouboo will defend themselves by biting the assailant. Mouboos are herbivores, and for the most part they roam grassy areas in search of the perfect patch. Their main activities consist of grazing, skipping around, and periodically pausing to catch their breath. On rare occasions, they may mysteriously appear in unlikely places, even inside buildings.

History, Mythologies and Legends

Mouboos have intrigued various cultures, both ancient and modern, and are often featured in stories, legends, paintings, and poems. They have even been sung about by such artists as Nelly, who has a chorus that says:

"No matter what I do, all I ever think about is you.  Even when I hit Mouboo, boy I'm always crazy over you".

They had a special importance in old Tritan culture as the stone fragments from that period that were discovered on tritan ruins sites show it. Also many Sages of mana think that the word "mouboo" it self comnes from old Tritan language. Unfortunately, the documents about mouboos are actually unavailable after the disaster that occured in the Blue Sage's Library. So this wiki may stay incomplete until the missing pages have been found.

Church of the Pink Mouboo

Legacy:The Church of the Pink Mouboo was a more or less organised religion based on beliefs about a mouboo. The core of the faith was summarised in the following creed:

"First, there was nothing. Then there was the Pink Mouboo. And it was good. The Pink Mouboo then creates the MANA World and all inhabitants. But then, it disappears, and can't now be seen by the inhibitors no more. But it sent some signs of its presence - so many pink things are found in all of the MANA. So we praise the Pink Mouboo, spend pink candies to other players, wear pink clothes for ceremonies and help new players to raise their power."
- Jhechadon, Founder of the Church of the Pink Mouboo

Three-headed mouboo

One Christmas, rumors briefly spread of a three-headed Mouboo. Inevitably, people started to worship it. The evidence for this creature was, and still is, disputed.

"You are all welcome to join and worship the three-headed mouboo!"
- Amuk
"True believers know the hydra-mouboo in all his incarnations!"
- Salmondine

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