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Captain Nard
One of Us

Quest Overview
Starting Location 000-2-3 La Johanne, Nard's Room. (25,26)
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable None
Cost Nothing

Background Story

What To Do

1. First he will ask you to help his crew on the island outside the ship, for it he will give you La Johanne's Key to go outside the ship.
2. Gugli, one of his sailors, is waiting for you on the shore to tell you about the task.
3. Gugli ask you to bring 6 box of foods, 2 Aquada Boxes, 2 Croconut Boxes and 2 Plushroom Boxes. You must ask

Introduction of the boxes and Nard. This is displayed when the player never spoke to Nard or his box.
// 1. Nard spoke and gave access to the outdoor of the ship.
// 2. Completed the Gugli quest.
// 3. ChefGado Quest accepted.
// 4. ChefGado Quest completed and "Introduction" chapter finalized.
// 5. Reward taken from the box.
// 6. Intro finished
// 7. Never talked with Gugli.
// 8. Gugli gives you the task.
// 9. Gave all of the boxes to Gugli.


  • To speak to an NPC, click on it with your mouse or select it using the N key and then chat using the T key.
  • To open your inventory, use the F3 key or use your mouse to select it in the above menu in your client.

Total Quest Cost

  • Nothing

Total Quest Rewards


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