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The Travelers are a group of magicians that will gladly assist you in quickly travelling to a myriad of locations all over the world – for a fee that varies based upon the destination. In order to travel to another location via this method, you must have already visited that area and talked to the traveler there.

Talk to the first Traveler you see, and continue to talk to every Traveler you meet elsewhere in the game. When you communicate with another Traveler, they can create a link and you can teleport between them. They will say :
"Uplink set, you can now return to this spot for a fee."
"where you like to go?"

You can use them as a destination or departure point.

Keep in mind that they will offer you a list of Travelers, but if you have not made a link between them by visiting them both, they will tell you that you can't travel until you have done so. You will not be charged for it. The Travelers will teleport you, as your towel does, but for a fee. If you can't find a Traveler, you can't use them as a destination.

You can go from a Traveler to another and even go to a third, from the moment you pay the travel price there is no restriction on how much you use their services, other than running out of money.

The Travelers
* Head South from the ferry.
* Go through the first gate.
* Look to your left.
* Head South from the Town Centre.
* Go through the first portal.
* Look to your right.
* Head North from the Ferry.
* Go West (and around) when you see Angela.
* Head out the West gate.
* Go Southwest down the cobblestones.
* Go South past the lamps, through the fences on each side.
* Look left.
Pachua's Tribe
* Use the directions to get to Pachua
* From the ferry, head Northeast along the path.
* Go North at Valon.
Woodland East(Magic house)
* Follow the river West from the Old Wizard's house.
* From the Old Wizard's house, follow the track to the path.
* Head East.
* Stay on the East path.
* Continue East until you reach Sherman.
Asphodel Moor
* Head East from Soul Menhir.
* Take the first path to the South.
* At the corner, go East.
* Go South, off the path.
Terranite Cave
* Follow the directions to Blossom.
* From Blossom, take the cave just above her.
* Follow the cave to the East.
* Stay on the path all the way to the North.
* At the end fork, go East. Follow it around.
Blue Sage Residence
* From the Barbarian Tribe, head out of the enclosure, then Northwest.
* Go through the portal, and West along the wall on the North side.
* Follow it up and Northeast.
* Go through the portal.
* Head West then up.
* Continue West.
* Travel North at the opening.
* Follow the path around, and go through the portal into the cave.
* Head Northwest of the cave and exit.
* Head North, and the Blue Sage Residence is on the right.
* Once inside, turn left.
Barbarian Village
* From the Soul Menhir in Nivalis:
* Get onto the cobblestone path and go South.
* Continue into the snow Field map.
* Head Southwest and find the portal.
* Follow the path all the way South and around the rocks back to the North.
* Head East into the opening.
* Go North to the tribe.
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More details about them

Country Location Map N° Coordinate (x,y) Traveler Name Money - GP
Tonori Tulimshar 002-1 (60,41) Nina 1,000
Argeas Hurnscald 008-1 (81,82) Diryn 1,000
Kaizei Nivalis 020-1 (57,123) Knox 1,000
Tonori Pachua's village 006-1 (25,95) Ruthan 2,000
Argeas Candor Island 029-1 (69,68) Knitra 2,000
Argeas Magic House 013-1 (120,90) Faris 1,500
Argeas Farmstead 055-1 (135,60) Sherman 1,500
Argeas Graveyard (GY - should be Asphodel Moor) 027-1 (83,84) Styx 2,000
Argeas Moggun Cave (Out the front of the Terranite cave) 012-3 (439,62) Meridith 2,000
Kaizei Barbarian village 033-1 (63,30) Khoenan 1,500
Kaizei Sage Nikolai's Mansion 048-2 (23,46) Drake 2,000

The coordinates (x,y) indicate on the board where to find the traveler, not where you will be warped to.

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