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The town of Nivalis

Nivalis is a well developed town for somewhere so icy cold. In fact, the capital Nivalis was barely affected by the Great Quake, and was able to give to supplies to other areas in distress. The surrounding land is rich in gems, such as Diamonds, Pearls, Coal and Sapphires. There is a high concentration of dangerous creatures hiding out in the wild cold lands here, especially in the mountainous regions and the caves, and you will come upon some of these as you first step off that ferry.

The ferry isn't directly in town, but a short walk out, as since the Great Quake, it was realised that one of the saving factors in Nivalis' favor was that the town was build away from the coastline, and avoided many of the battering waves that occurred at that time. To head to Nivalis Centre from the Ferry Dock, travel North, turn West at the cave entrance (don't enter the cave), and follow the wall around in a zigzag fashion until you come to a portal. When you travel through the portal, travel West, or South Westerly, and you will come across the first buildings.