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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-4 Beneath Hurnscald
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What To Do:

Read these points thoroughly before running through the quest.

  • Be sure to understand the navigation as explained in these points.
  • With the final barrier, be sure to use the colours with the torches in the second table, and not make all torches the same colour as the barrier. Even though the colours match, it doesn't work. All torches are required to make the colour code.

  1. Go to the Hurnscald Inn and take the stairs going down. Once you are in the next section, start heading down and to the right (southeast). You will see a small cave entrance on the left after you are almost at the bottom. Head inside to find Orum (be careful as the warp faces inwards on the way in, and outwards on the way out, so if you go too far, you will be running OUT of the cave instead of into it).

  2. Talk to Orum, he will tell you he needs help to save Waric, his friend that got kidnapped.

  3. First, you must collect for him 4 Wisp Powders, 2 Poltergeist Powders, 1 Spectre Powder, and 1 Hard Spike (all of these are available from Aidan and Ishi's Monster Points) to get past the entrance below Orum. This is where the quest really starts to get interesting.

  4. Start by going to the right and talk to the only Torch you can get to. After that, go back and talk about it to Orum, and he will tell you to get more stuff. You will notice that you pass a warp zone with two candles on each side, while travelling to the first candle. This is the FINAL barrier, not the middle one. You will read more in the 6th point.

  5. For the materials you need to change the colours of the lamps, you'll need the colored powders made by Orum. Get him 10 Iron Powders, 10 Piles of Ash, 15 Gamboge Herbs, 15 Alizarin Herbs, and 15 Cobalt Herbs. You will receive 10 Red Powders, 10 Blue Powders, and 10 Yellow Powders. You will need them for the Torches.

  6. In the caves that you have just entered, under Orum, there are four barriers. From North to South, these are the barrier names as used in this wiki:
    and South.

  7. Torch 1 is behind the broken barrier (the first one you talked to), Torch 2 is behind the middle barrier and Torch 3 is behind the South barrier. The Final barrier is the first one you passed, heading towards the first Torch.

  8. Start by opening the middle barrier. To open the middle barrier, try to walk through it and see what color it is, and then set Torch 1 to its color (use the tables shown below). Be careful, as multiple runs through it may boot you from the server, so inch your way past it.

  9. Next, open the South barrier. Go to the south barrier and run through it to see what color it is, and then set Torches 1 and 2 to colors that can compose the last color wanted for the 2nd barrier in either order (Use 1st table below). For example first Torch needs to be Red and Torch 2 needs to be Yellow to open the 3rd barrier that is Orange (Red + Yellow = Orange). Note! If you change the torch 1 color to something else it might close your ability to get to torch 2, so choose your colors wisely so you do not have to gather materials again!

  10. Finally, open the Final barrier. This time, go through it to see its color, and match all three torches to match. Do the same thing as before but use the 2nd table shown here. Be careful not to ruin your previous barriers! Choose wisely!

  11. Once you have completed going through, go back and talk to Orum and promise him you will not go into the last cave. You will receive a Candle Helmet (+16 Defense, -1 Agility, +1 Intelligence). Of course you will not do as promised.

  12. Go down into the last cave you opened. Head south. You will be warped between Waric and Orum. They are actually bad guys!

  13. You will then appear near the south entrance of Hurnscald. You are now finished with this quest!


  • A lot of the items needed are available from Aidan and Ishi, when you get your monster points traded.
  • When you will finish the quest, you will not be able to see Orum or Waric again here. This is also why you are not in the same caves as players that didn't finish the quest.
  • If you do the quest well without losing Powders, you will only use 10 of each maximum.

Primary colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Colors composed of 2 primary colors:

First color Second color Color produced
Red Yellow Orange
Blue Yellow Green
Blue Red Purple

Colors composed of 3 primary colors:

First color Second color Third color Color produced
Red Yellow Yellow Light Orange
Red Red Yellow Dark Orange
Blue Yellow Yellow Light Green
Blue Blue Yellow Dark Green
Red Red Blue Light Purple
Red Blue Blue Dark Purple


Wisp Powders are dropped by:

Poltergeist Powders are dropped by:

Spectre Powders are dropped by:

Hard Spikes are dropped by:

Iron Powder sources:

Piles of Ash are dropped by:

Gamboge Herbs are dropped by:

Alizarin Herbs are dropped by:

Cobalt Herbs are dropped by:


  • 1 Candle Helmet (+16 Defense, -1 Agility, +1 Intelligence)
  • 5000 EXP

Total Cost: