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Oscar's Pumpkins
Start date November 4th
End date November 30th
Reoccuring Yes
Location011-1 (94,38) Oscar
PrerequisitesLevel 45+
Cost12 Pumpkin Seeds, possibly 15 Water refills.
Rewards1 Golden Delicious Apple or 5 Candy Pumpkins

Background Story

Oscar just came back from a long trip... "Really tiring, but so interesting." as he says. He went to the economic center of Argaes "to see ways to improve my little plantation here", "sell some of my fruits too, see some of my fellow farmers". He saw them celebrating Halloween. There, he saw "strange veggies they call pumpkins". As they taste good, (and have other funny uses) he wonders if he could grow some here. Let's listen to him again: "However, I couldn't get any seeds, but I heard rumors in that city, saying that we could find pumpkins in the forests North-East of here." "Most likely there are pumpkin seeds laying around them." "They also mentioned something strange about them, but hey, who cares! Just rumors!" but : "Ahm... That may be a little dangerous for you though. I don't want to send a kid in the deep forest."

You will see that they are dangerous not only for kids...


Preambles, warnings, requirements:

  • This quest is seasonal: It will happen yearly, after halloween, and last 2 weeks.
  • You may require help to stay alive while fighting the big orange fruits.

This spoiler is here as a reference...

What To Do:

  • Accept to help Oscar to get Pumpkin seeds.
  • Go to North Eastern Argaes woodlands (head East to Sagatha) and find one of the two areas where Pumpkins grow nearby.
  • Get 12 Pumpkin Seeds. You will be warned when to stop. If you don't, pumpkins will thank you with an instant kill.
  • Come back to Oscar. He will now ask for help to water the patches. Cast a #kaflosh spell (he gives water) or give him 15 Bottles of Water.
  • Kill pumpkins and the minions they summon until Oscar tells you that you succeeded. (see Hints)

If you die or cannot kill all Pumpkins during the 7 minutes allotted time, you fail. Come back to Oscar and receive 5 Candy Pumpkins.

If you kill all the Pumpkins within the time (monsters must be all dead too ?) Oscar greets you and gives you a Golden Delicious Apple that "not many exist in the world"... Although it is edible, DON'T EAT IT!!! It's rare!


  • You may need help for the final part: You may need a healer and other players to kill the monsters while you focus on the pumpkins.
  • Concentration and Iron Potions may be useful.


Total Cost: