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To find Rauk, head West from Hurnscald until you go underneath the first bridge. Head South, and go under the next bridge. Turn East, then North. Rauk is there. Rauk can make potions, dyes and transmutes Iron Ore to Iron Powder and Piles of Ash to Sulphur Powder.

Potion Making

Quest Overview
Starting Location 011-1 West of Hurnscald
Level 1 (30 for Dark Green Dye Quest)
Prerequisites Talk to Selim The Dyer
Redoable Yes, forever


  • If you want gold you are better off selling the Small Mushrooms and Pink Petals than the ready-made potions. You will get 500 GP for the needed ingredients while only 250 GP for each potion.
  • These potions can also be found as drops.
  • The Mana Potion is very expensive here, so you are better off choosing Wyara to make it.

Concentration Potions are dropped by:

Iron Potions are dropped by:

Dye Making


  • If Rauk doesn't offer the option of making a dye, you need to go back to Selim The Dyer, and ask him to dye you an item. You will need to have an undyed item with you; normally this would be the one you want to dye. When he offers to dye it, choose a color that you don't have. Selim will tell you that you need to bring him some dye first. Ask him where you get dye from, and he will tell you to find an alchemist. Now go back to Rauk.
  • Target the nearest enemy while walking around to easier find the plants.
  • To gather these plants, attack them like you would any other monster.
  • Pearls can be found easily at the Beach west of Tulimshar, from the Polletts at Nivalis and at the North of Hurnscald from Sea Slimes.
  • If you do Magic and have level 2 in the General Magic Skill and the Nature Magic Skill try using the shearing spell #chipchip on herb plants, they often drop an additional herb.

Dark Green Dye

Note: You need to be at least level 30 to make this dye.

To receive a bonus, request the Dark Green Dye. Take with you about 20 Maggot Slimes, and then talk to Rauk to start the minigame.

The minigame is that you need to find a certain number between 1 and 999. Don't worry, he will tell you if the number is higher or lower than the one you just chose. You first choose the tenths, then the hundreds and lastly the thousands. Figure out a way to lose as few Maggot Slimes as you can. The reward when you have worked it out is 20,000 EXP, whether or not you buy the dye. These EXP are rewarded only once.


  • Start by choosing 5, 0 and then 0, that makes 500. If he tells you to put less, try 250 or if it is the other way around, try 750. Always divide the number by 2: 500, 250, 125, etc... You'll get to the right number really quickly using that method.

Powder Making


  • You better ask another mage to make those powders for you as experienced mages can convert 1 Iron Ore up to 7 Iron Powders and 1 Pile of Ash up to 7 Sulphur Powders. They might ask you for a little gift to do so but it should be less expensive than asking Rauk though.
  • These powders can also be found as drops.

Iron Powders are dropped by:

Sulphur Powders are dropped by:

Sources of ingredients

Mauve Herbs are dropped by:

Cobalt Herbs are dropped by:

Gamboge Herbs are dropped by:

Alizarin Herbs are dropped by:

Iron Ores are dropped by:

Maggot Slimes are dropped by:

Pearls are dropped by:

Piles of Ash are dropped by:

Pink Petals are dropped by:

Small Mushrooms are dropped by: