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ID: 1008

Level 70

May mutate 2 attributes up to 20%.

Aggressive, Picks up loot

Health Points450
Job Experience17

Red Slime is a slow, aggressive mob, which is commonly hunted for money. It drops a lot of items that can be sold to NPCs for a good price. Red Slimes are very easy to kill, usually spawn in large groups, and are unlikely to be dangerous, except for players with very low level or VIT.


As source of profit

A lot of players regularly kill hundreds of Red Slimes, and sell their loot to NPCs, as it is a great way to get money.

  • Average profit from a single slime, assuming you sell all items to an NPC: 0.075*5gp + 0.03*25gp + 0.025*500gp + 0.02*500gp + 0.015*1000gp + 0.011*20gp + 0.008*400gp + 0.002*2500gp = 47.045.
  • That means that killing 100 slimes will give you an average profit of about 4700gp. This can be even higher if you sell Rubies to players, they can be sold for twice or even up to four times that much money (maximum overall profit may reach 7000gp/100slimes).
  • The speed of your income depends on how quick you can kill the slimes, on whether they respawn quick enough, and on whether other players are hunting them with you (which causes moments where there are no slimes to kill for several seconds). A high-level players can easily kill 1 slime per second, lower levels may need 4 seconds. Assuming ideal conditions (endless amount of slimes and no other players hunting them) that means that during 60 minutes of fighting slimes a high-level player can earn about 180 000gp, and if you need 4 times more time to kill slimes, as a low-level player you may earn about 40 000 - 50 000gp. However, since these ideal conditions rarely apply (mostly because slimes do not respawn that fast), your income will be much lower.

Main Locations

Northern Mine Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Snake.png Black Scorpion.png Spider.png

This is the main place where most players kill Red Slimes. This place is so commonly chosen, because it's close to Hurnscald, and there is an awesome spot where slimes spawn in great amount:

  • Having entered the mines, take first patch right. You will approach a small room with a torch and a workbench, continue north, upwards a slope to a ledge. From there, head West, taking a thin, curvy path, that soon approaches a larger area - that's the spot where Red Slimes spawn in decent amounts. While waiting for them to respawn, you may kill some Spiders and Black Scorpions South from there.

Hurnscald Cave Bat.png Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Black Scorpion.png

In caves underneath Hurnscald, there are some Red Slimes over the whole map, but very little players hunt them there, because the amount of slimes is not great, and one needs to run seeking them through whole area. However, this place is safer for beginners than the Mines, as long as they avoid the Black Scorpions. This is why a lot of new players prefer to kill these Red Slimes there, avoiding both danger and crowds of other hunters.

Tulimshar Caves Red Slime.png

If you are patient enough to make your way there, there is another awesome spot underneath Tulimshar, in the caves area. Head into the caves at the South West corner of Tulimshar desert, and work your way directly south, until you hit the portal. As you work your way through there, you will go past a few other monsters, but then you will find a part in the cave with a stack of Red Slimes, along with a handful of their cousins, the Green Slimes. This area is quite a safe area, as long as you are strong enough to handle the amount of slimes in the small area.

Terranite Cave Bat.png Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Moggun.png Spider.png Lady Skeleton.png Skeleton.png Terranite.png

In Terranite Cave there are few awesome spots where amount of Red Slimes seems to be endless. Keep in mind however, that other players can attack you in this area! It is very disheartening to be shot by a player, just when the reward is before your eyes, but you haven't grabbed it yet.