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Reid's Inn is located just SouthEast of the Soul Menhir at Asphodel Moor, just South of the Graveyard. You will see Hamond lighting up the path.


In former times, Reid's Inn used to entail an area inside the Graveyard, and was accessible through a portal via Golbenez. Now it is in Asphodel Moor, and the Inn is now separate from both the house and the store.

Listen to Reid's Ghost (an excerpt from the script):

"I'm the owner of this inn. I inherited it from my parents, who ran it while I was a child.
My father - he was a very joyful man. But one day, when I was just ten years old, he had an accident while carrying a barrel of beer.
The barrel smashed his legs and he wasn't able to walk anymore. He got very despondent about that and started to drink.
My mother and I didn't know how to cheer him up, and he wouldn't listen to us. My mother tried her best to keep the inn running and I tried my best to help her, even though I was still a child. :But a few years later, my mother lost her will to go on and the inn slowly went down the drain. Everything was dirty and we had less and less patrons.
I don't blame my mother. She loved my father so much, she couldn't stand to see what was happening to him. When he died because of his drinking, she totally lost her will to live and just lay in :bed and followed him.

Reid seems to be tortured by her memories.

"That was a very hard time.
-Yes, yes, but what about your life shortly before you died?
-I can imagine. I'm very sorry for you

She doesn't seem to pay much attention to what you say.

"But Hamond, my friend since I was a child, helped me in those bad times. We built up the inn again and we - we married.
He was so kind and my only light in those dark times. And our little son Aldred gave me back my joy in life.
Everything was peaceful and I thought I had found my place. But one day...
It began as a completely normal day. We were taking care of our overnight guests and preparing the inn for the evening rush.
But that day, a very special patron checked in. His name was Savaric, and he was a student of magic. He came from far away to check some rumors about a legendary mana seed.

Reid's Ghost has a completely enchanted look on her face.

"He really made me feel alive - when he was near, I was feeling like I never felt before. I started to search for reasons to be near him - I told myself that I liked him just because he was :interesting, coming from so far away and being a mage.
But I was lying to myself.
I - oh, it is really hard to talk about this. Maybe - yes, I could let you read my diary. I'll give you the key to our rooms."

She pulls a key out of her pocket as transparent as herself. As you try to grab it, your fingers just go through it.

"I keep forgetting! Please take the key out of my pocket.
She is pointing at her dead body with a sad look on her face. You take the key.
This is the key to our personal room, it is located at the very end of the corridor upstairs. You will find my diary in the bookshelf, hidden behind a book with poems. Hamond doesn't like poems
Please go and read it..."

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