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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World rEvolt. If you're interested for the Legacy game, please go to the Legacy page about this article.


Welcome to The Mana World! If you are here, it means you have created a game account and are ready to start your adventure. For a guide on how to use the game's interface and various mechanics see the getting started page.

This page will provide a thorough walkthrough, starting from the beginning of the game and being continuosly updated as new content is developed. This acts not only as a game guide for players, but also as the source for all the storylines of various quests that are created by our developers. We hope you enjoy the game. If you wish to get more involved with our community, you can visit The Mana World's Forums.

Index of Walkthrough

This walkthrough is split up into several parts. You can start at the beginning or click at the part you currently are to start reading from there. Each region is designed for a specific level range, which is stated after the region.


  • Candor (lvl 25) Currently available as endgame for max level (capped at 25 in the first release), will scale based on player levels and always be playable with a minimum level requirement of 25 when higher levels are unlocked.


Drasil Island (lvl 1-5) - Artis (lvl 5-10) - West Argaes (lvl 10-12) - Hurnscald (lvl 12-20) - Asphodel Moor & Graveyard (lvl 20-25) - Candor (lvl 25)