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Version 0.0.24

0.0.24 (24 December 2007)
- Added female specific hair styles
- Added user-definable key settings
- Added XP gaining notification
- Added close button to most windows
- Added support for dynamic sprite recoloring
- Added notification when the connection to the server is lost
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.7.x
- Mouse cursor now indicates when resize is possible
- Changed amount slider in buy and sell dialogs to start at 1
- Made weapon sprites and sounds customizable
- Made buy and sell dialogs resizable
- Merged equipment database with items database
- Chat window log no longer goes back forever
- Chat messages are trimmed (spaces are removed on both sides)
- Fixed segmentation fault with some OpenGL drivers
- Fixed updating of defense when increasing vitality
- Fixed a bug that prevented being-controlled particles from being deleted
- Fixed a crash in the particle engine related to child emitters
- Fixed encoding issues with user home directory
- Fixed a crash in equipment window on failure to load an item icon
- Fixed a crash on filling up your inventory
- Fixed item list in shops not to scroll back when selling

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.23+svn

Screenshot from the next version in development.

Recolor Screenshot 1.png
experimenting with changing the colors of images at runtime

Version 0.0.23

0.0.23 (3 June 2007)
- Added a particle engine along with some particle effects
- Added a cursor to indicate targeted enemy
- Added new program icon
- Added a man page for UNIX like systems
- Added the --version command line parameter
- Improved MacOS X release
- Screenshots are now saved in the .tmw directory on UNIX like systems
- Magic pink is no longer used for transparency (fixes issues with that on Mac)
- Fixed difficulties with resizing windows
- Fixed misleading error message when connecting fails
- Fixed wrong error message when account name already exists
- Fixed crash when deleting a character
- Fixed error message when creating a new character fails
- Fixed updating problem when using scrollwheel to change shop selection
Halloween 2007.png
Halloween in the woodland village
TMW Screenshot 0.0.23-particles.png
The new particle engine
Screenshot HurnscaldVillage.png
New Village
Screenshot HurnscaldInn.png
New Village

Version (17 February 2007)
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.6.1
- Changed to new default server (
- Changed custom mouse cursor
- Fixed the issue where _M or _F is appended to the username
- Fixed problem with Cancel button in update dialog

No screenshots available.


Screenshot from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot waterfall.png
Particle engine showing a waterfall. SVN rev. 3106.

Version (15 January 2007)
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.6.0 (older versions no longer supported)
- Fixed mouse coordinates in debug window
- Fixed clicking on GUI to cause the player to start walking sometimes

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.22+svn

Screenshots from the next version in development.

Particleengine Screenshot 2.png
Crushs particle engine.
Particleengine Screenshot 1.png
Crushs particle engine.


Version 0.0.22

0.0.22 (24 December 2006)
- Added support for female-specific equipment graphics
- Added support for monster sounds
- Added item icons to buy/sell dialogs
- Enhanced character select dialog to show equipment
- Changed to new update host (
- Worked around a Guichan exception thrown for mice with many buttons
- Changed mouse walk to keep following mouse while button is held down
- Extended font support for å and Å
- Disabled RLE compression on all surfaces in software mode
- Fixed joystick setting not to show disabled when it's actually enabled
- Fixed money field to no longer hide below the bottom of the window
- Fixed pathfinding to allow walking through beings when they block your path
- Fixed an issue with NPC dialogs staying open after player respawn
TMW Screenshot 0.0.22-christmastree.png
Christmas tree
TMW Screenshot 0.0.22-helpersanta.png
Helper Santa (NPC)
TMW Screenshot 0.0.22-buyselldialog.png
new buy/sell dialog...

Version (30 October 2006)
- Reload wallpaper after loading updates
- Added support for gzip compressed map layer data
- Added support for building with CMake
- Added slider to setup dialog for configuring overlay effect
- Fixed excessive unnecessary reloading of sprites
- Fixed problem with OpenGL related redefinition
- Fixed problems with hiding windows using h
- Fixed trade window positioning
Login wallpaper halloween.png
Lovely Halloween login wallpaper by Irukard
TMW Screenshot halloween1.png
Skulls desert
TMW Screenshot halloween2.png

Version 0.0.21

0.0.21 (17 September 2006)
- Added item pickup messages to the chat dialog
- Added XP bar to ministatus in the top left
- Added configurable smooth and lazy scrolling
- Added option to turn off the joystick
- Added --playername option for automatic character picking
- Added --configfile option for specifying which configuration file to use
- Added shortcut and middle mouse button for targetting nearest monster
- Added support for map effect overlays
- Fixed FPS limiter
- Fixed updating system on Windows
- Fixed player animations going out of sync on changing equipment or hairstyle
- Fixed SDL_image configure check on some systems by first checking for libpng
- Fixed big memory leak when using OpenGL
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.5.0 (older versions no longer supported)

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.20+svn

Screenshots from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot svn270806-expbar sandstorm.png
Sandstorm effect and EXP bar
Screenshot Cloudfx.png
Cloud shadow effect.

Version 0.0.20

0.0.20 (24 July 2006)
- Added new hairstyle, and some fixes to the old ones
- Added slider to set FPS limit
- Added visible equipments
- Added new maps and monsters
- Added female characters
- Implemented a new animation system
- Updated the updating system
- Reduced size of textures to stay within the limits of some OpenGL drivers
- Fixed connection not being shut down completely in case of an error
- Fixed min size of a window when resizing
- Fixed some maps issues
- Some fixes to monsters and player graphics
- Minor bug fixes and lots of code cleanups
Tmw 0.0.20.png
Family photo on 0.0.20!
The new icecave
Female character1.png
The new official female character
Now you can see the clothes!

Version 0.0.19+svn

Screenshots from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot svn210606-fog-smooth-scrolling.png
Fog and smooth scrolling from Crushs GFX branch.
TMW Screenshot svn210606-boobs.png
SVN 21.06.06 The first time a
female character appeared on screen.

Version 0.0.19

0.0.19 (6 March 2006)
- Added new playerset
- Added --username, --password and --defaults command line options
- Made the player walk to items prior to picking them up
- Improved login sequence
- Improved setup window and added a joystick calibration tool
- Enabled 3 slots to create players
- Reorganized and improved network code
- Some maps fixes
- Fixed some bugs
- Lots of cleanups and code re-organization
TMW screenshot 0.0.19-batcave.png
The new batcave
TMW screenshot 0.0.19-firemonsters.png
Danger! Hot!


Screenshot from the next version in development.

Assparade!!! - first version of the new
playerset that has not been released.