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Screenshot from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot 63.png
Booth's Event

Version (9 June 2009)
- Added the ability to change your password after logging in
- The leader of a party is now displayed in bold
- Status window was reorganized to allow larger numbers to be displayed
- The client no longer quits when it can't find the current map
- Fixed position of floating text for damage, pickup and experience
- Fixed a possible crash on logging in to the map server
- Fixed the crash when shift-clicking an item in the inventory
- Fixed a crash related to item links in the chat window
- Fixed a crash on whispering somebody again after closing their tab
- Fixed lightspeed bug when stopping to attack
- Fixed the -S/--home-dir command line option
- Fixed Reset Windows to also reset the party window
- Fixed problems with the context menu in the Brazilian translation
- Fixed resetting the height of the chat on /clear
- Fixed playing of login song and the music after login
- Fixed a problem with the player skipping corners, desyncing from the server
- Small optimizations to OpenGL mode when drawing certain GUI widgets
- Updated Spanish, Polish, Portugese, Swedish, French and German translation

Version 0.0.29+patch

Screenshot from unofficial patch releases.

Version 0.0.29

0.0.29 (13 May 2009)
- Added support for dynamic emotes and a new way to select them
- Added speech balloons that wrap the text
- Added item popup for showing detailed information
- Added ability to refer to items in chat
- Added the ability to see your own name in game
- Added the option to hide player names
- Added support for dynamically defined weight unit and currency
- Added support for NPC item storage
- Added compile-time support for tmwserv, as an alternative to eAthena
- Added support for entering the port of the login server
- Added support for creating parties and inviting other players to them
- Added tabs to the chat window for party and private chats
- Added ability to set initial player attributes when creating a new character
- Added command line option to temporarily disable OpenGL (--no-opengl)
- Added support for showing arrows flying through the air
- Added option to show pickup as text particle instead of in the chat
- Added ability to change the font size
- Added support for the /me command to do actions
- Added a /present command to show players present in the area
- Added ability to record the chatlog to a file
- Made emote shortcuts customizable in more detail
- Made it possible to change resolution
- Made many colors used by the game configurable
- Made setup window available during login
- Dynamically generate the item effects description
- Minimap can now be told to stay on the screen
- Minimap now adapts to the scale and size of the minimap image
- Non-stackable items can now be sold more easily
- Login dialog now remembers the list of recently used servers
- Completely rewritten NPC interaction
- GUI opacity now effects the whole user interface
- Redesigned the trade window
- Redesigned equipment window and allow unequip from there
- Next level percentage is now displayed in hundredths
- The player will no longer walk away when clicking the map while sitting
- Keep the login screen from taking 100% CPU
- No longer prompt for character server when there is only one
- Fixed compilation with GCC 4.4
- Fixed scroll wheel handling and dragging glitches in lists
- Many more bug fixes, small improvements and code cleanups
- Updated German, Finnish, Croatian, French, Spanish, Swedish and Polish
Putting Things in Storage at the twins' bank
TMW Screenshot 2.png
Mana World 0.0.29.PNG
Hurnscald Woodlands

Version (12 February 2009)
- Enabled translations on Windows
- Added command line option to set home directory path
- Tweaked green chat color to be a bit more readable
- Made font size configurable in the config file
- Fixed restoring of punching animation after weapon removal
- Fixed inability to chat while talking to NPCs
- Updated German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Polish translations

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.28

0.0.28 (25 January 2009)
- Added support for animated map tiles
- Added support for internationalization, plus many translations
- Added support for TrueType fonts
- Trade window is now resizable
- Obscure precise home directory name when making screenshots
- Fixed follow-parent of nested and being-following particle emitters
TMW Screenshot 15.png
TTF font rendering and speech bubbles


Version 0.0.27

0.0.27 (9 December 2008)
- Added support for showing map name above minimap
- Added showing how long the ban is when banned
- Added --data parameter for developers
- Added particle effect for critical hits
- Added support for dynamic skill names and hair colors
- Added support for status effects
- Added ability to add equipment to the shortcut bar
- Added ability to change configuration during login phase (from Aethyra)
- Mouse cursor will now hide when not used for some time
- Inventory window now displays amount of slots used
- Center minimap on player when it is larger than the minimap window
- Extended particle emitters with properties that can change over time
- Extended the GUI font to support more characters
- Only require a restart to switch to full screen with OpenGL on Windows
- Make sure news and update file list aren't cached (from Aethyra)
- Made NPC dialogs resizable (from Aethyra)
- Made window shortcuts configurable
- Fixed visibility of trade window on startup
- Fixed a client input freeze when closing NPC script from server
- Fixed dead players to lie on the ground instead of standing around
- Fixed shortcuts being activated when trade window was visible
- Fixed a crash when equipment window is open
- Fixed money value on failing to buy (from Aethyra)
- Fixed crash in right-click menu when used after a being disappeared

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.26

0.0.26 (29 August 2008)
- Added support for a newer version of eAthena server
- Added support for showing custom being effects
- Added new features to the particle engine
- Position names and chat such that there is no overlap, when possible
- Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt map that has too much layer data
TMW Screenshot 8.png
Showing off all the new content since 0.0.23

Version 0.0.25

0.0.25 (27 July 2008)
- Added support for whispering to other players
- Added ability to ignore other players
- Added command line argument for specifying the update host (-H)
- Added support for receiving the update host from the server
- Added support for displaying a shield sprite
- Added shortcut window, allowing you to quickly access inventory items
- Added message when gaining money from trade or quest
- Added support for an arbitrary number of map layers
- Added support for basing one sprite definition on another
- Added the possibility to assign particle effects to NPCs
- Added remembering whether windows are visible or not
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.8.x
- Improved accuracy of monster targeting with the mouse
- Page up and page down will now scroll the chat window
- Item icons are now loaded on demand and unloaded when no longer used
- Fixed display of critical hits
- Fixed multi-channel image dyeing
- Fixed updating of money display after buying

No screenshots available.

Version (7 April 2008)
- Added /clear command to clear chat window
- Added ability to close quit dialog by pressing ESC
- Added key for targetting nearest player
- Added the possibility to assign particle effects to monsters
- Added possibility to pass through players with key controls
- Fixed crash on exit after connection to server was lost
- Fixed initialization of some variables
- Fixed an error with chat messages without a sender that include a colon
- Fixed minimap to not keep reappearing when hidden
- Fixed a GCC 4.3 compile error
- Fixed music loading from non-default location
- Fixed crash on trying to show out of range emoticon
- Updated Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks project files

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.24+svn

Screenshot from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot 6.png
The HMC guys are testing the new client and server