Selim The Dyer

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward Dyed cloth
Cost Dye and equipment chosen

What To Do:

  1. Starting from the south exit of Hurnscald, enter the first building on the right.
  2. Engage Selim in conversation and ask about how to make dyes and where to find them. He will tell you that some alchemists can make them from ingredients.
  3. Go to Rauk The Alchemist and ask him about dyes. After conversing with him he will tell you that he can make them with the the right ingredients. See the section on Rauk for more information.
  4. Return to Selim with the dyes to dye the clothes.


The following clothes are dye-able at the moment:

  • Bowler Hat
  • Contributor Shirt
  • Cotton Boots
  • Cotton Gloves
  • Cotton Headband
  • Cotton Shirt
  • Cotton Shorts
  • Cotton Skirt
  • Cotton Trousers
  • Desert Hat
  • Miniskirt
  • Rabbit Ears
  • Short Tank Top
  • Silk Robe
  • Sorcerer Robe (except the lines)
  • Tank Top
  • Turtleneck Sweater
  • V-Neck Sweater
  • Wizard Hat

Here the dye you can use with Selim to get your clothes in a different color:


Dyed clothes

Total Cost:

  • Dye of the desired color
  • Undyed article of clothing (equipment) chosen to be dyed