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Quest Overview
Starting Location 006-1 Desert Mountains,
115, 111
Level 60
Prerequisites Focusing Skills
Redoable No, only once
Desert Mountains
Desert Mountains Cave
Outback Cave
Pachua's Village

Important Notes:

  • The Speed Skill increases your attack and your walking speed. The exact effects of an increase in level in this Skill are unknown.
  • Practically, this quest requires a high vitality and luck to avoid being killed by the Snakes.
  • This quest can be done at level 60 without any other player as an escort.

What To Do:

  1. Go to the total end of the desert, in the Outback. You will find Miriam to the North after the last exit of the cave. She is in the opposite branch of the cave to Pachua.
  2. Talk to her, ask her if she could teach you a skill. In order to learn a skill from her, you will need to have this done:
    • Have less than 1/3 of the weight in your inventory
    • Have 60 or more in Agility (Only points in Agility raised through Character points count. Using items that increase Agility do not count).
    • Miriam will refuse to talk to you if you are chest naked.
    • Do not have this in your inventory:
      • Steel Shield
      • Warlord Helmet
      • Crusade Helmet
      • Knight Helmet
      • Candle Helmet
      • Infantry Helmet
      • Warlord Plate
      • Chainmail Shirt
      • Light Platemail
      • Warlord Boots
  1. Bring her 10 Snake Tongues and 5 Concentration Potions to prove that you are sorry for interrupting her in her meditation.
  2. If you fill all the conditions shown above, you will need to do a special minigame: run to Pachua in less than 210 seconds. (Note: If you die and that you use the spell in the Old Wizard's house, you will lose. )
  3. Go back and see Miriam. You will receive the Speed Skill if you reached Pachua in less than 210 seconds.


  • Speed Skill
  • 2,500 EXP

Total Cost: