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There's a higher-quality version here:

Why aren't we using it?


The shapes of the land and such don't match. Especially Argaes. The one at the top of the article is out of date itself. — Jaxad0127 14:16, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Far too ambious

The old world map was far too ambitious and had a number of problems with the conceptual build not matching the area /content /wiki

Base Idea

  • Current idea is to reduce map to a smaller world map size
  • Smush current content into Argaes Like land mass as it contains most of the geography we need
    • Imagine these 3 on a single map (still not connected by land) World_Map
  • Solidify content/wiki/maps then move on to another continent


  • Create maps that are uniform and coordinated (i.e. 001-001-1 is XXX-YYY-1)
  • Create Standard Overworld map size to enable future modes of travel easier by using map edges as warps
  • No more digging to find that map you want just look on the overworld
  • NPCs are easier to find as well
  • Non-overworld maps can stay the same.