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Agostine the Taylor Winter Gloves - from 1 to 100 Fur + 15000 and ONLY +3% DEF Fur Boots - analoge...

And: Miner gloves - +2% Def and 3000 (and MANY in loot!) Boots - +2% Def and 8000 (and MANY in loot too!)

Knight’s Helmet (+15% Defense) 5 Iron Ores 10,000 GP Crusader Helmet (+18% Defense) 10 Iron Ores 10,000 GP Warlord Helmet (+18% Defense) 15 Iron Ores 10,000 GP

Logics? Wheare you??? It`s too many money for Winter Gloves and Fur Boots in THIS parametric! Maybi change price or parametrs???

Bow Master’s Forest Bow Idea: addition quest for create arrow and iron arrow! Give him log`s and his create arrow. Or give Nicholas the Blacksmith ore, his create tip`s for arrow and Bow Master create from tip`s and log`s Iron Arrow!

Pictures of rewards.

How do you think should we put pictures of rewards and items, that were referenced in quest description? I.e.

Aiden and Ishi’s monster points

Redoable: Yes, forever

Recommended from level: 1

Start location: Tulimshar Town; at the market

What to do

  1. Talk to Aiden, he’s standing at the gate across Elanore the Healer, he’ll register you for this quest.
  2. Monster points are then recieved by killing monsters.
  3. Talk with Ishi to exchange these points for a random item (see list below).


  • The earlier you sign up the more monster points you’ll be able to exchange for items.
  • Not all monsters give monster points.
  • The rewards will always be the same, regardless of number of monster points you have saved up or which level your character has.
  • The number of monster points required is raised by one with each exchange.
  • Some of the items you get are useful in later quests, but most of the items have no use other than being sold for GP or keeping for nostalgic reasons.
  • Currently, of all the possible items to recieve, the one you can sell to shops for most GP are the Cotton Pants (500 GP).



I wonder why Auldbels' (Woodland, west from Hurnscald) quests are not mentioned:

  • bring him some herbs (cannot remember how many)
  • bring him iron potion, concentration potion, some potions (3 small and 3 medium? cannot remember again)
  • bring him 100 silk cocoons
  • ...?

Oh, it was hidden in the Magic Quests...

Graveyard Quests

Need to add the new graveyard quests....Letter delivery & Bone Collecting

Article is too long

From now on could we have individual articles for each quest?


The way this page is currently laid out makes it hard to use.

I suggest it be reorganized by area and difficulty (and perhaps by subject), and include dependencies.

Also I think that Tulimshar quests and the magic quests (and magic skills) should not be treated specially, but rather each quest or quest-giver should have a separate page.

o11c 06:45, 14 February 2011 (CET)

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Daily Quests

  • Yes, we can have multiple references to the same quest.

Tulimshar Continent (Desert? I know it has a name but nobody uses it)



  • Sagatha's Tree (requires Magic (level 2?), (#kaflosh and block dark magic) or (bone knife and block light magic))
  • Desert Well (dark magic NPC)


Et Cetera