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Issues with using this template

Solved issues with using this template

Hi. This template is very useful, but in list lines the text wraps:

This is a normal line

  • This is a list line
  1. This is a numeric list line
This is another line

How to solve this? or how can I use in this cases? :?

I tried using literal 'span', but would be great using directly this template. :D

And should be useful to add an parameter 'alias' for translated pages using link parameter, for example. I used in Es:Mana Seed like this to emulate effect: [[Es:Mana Seed|{{H:title|'Mana Seed' en el juego|Semilla de Maná}}]] and looks Semilla de Maná

-- nelson6e65 (talk) 19:47, 27 November 2013 (UTC)

Hmm... this is stupid and sorry, I can't help.

I noticed another problem with it: it seems that you can't rename a link of a section of a wiki page (like Skills#Magic Skills -> Magic Skills) like this:

{{H:title|link=yes|An overview of all skills, including magic skills that will improve your spells of the particular magic school.|Skills#Magic Skills|Magic Skills}} -> Skills#Magic Skills, but luckily above you showed a way how it works:

[[Skills#Magic Skills|{{H:title|link=no|An overview of all skills, including magic skills that will improve your spells of the particular magic school.|Magic Skills}}]] -> Magic Skills

(Just in case someone else has the same problems)

Cassy (talk) 07:20, 28 November 2013 (UTC)

How it worked for me

Thanks for the explanations given. I wanted to have the legacy links used, but not shown as legacy, as nobody is chasing a Legacy:Squirrel for example, but a Squirrel, regardless of the game. Based on this, I wanted to hide all the "Legacy" words from the descriptions as in-game, while having the actual pages remain legacy. That way new users won't be confused and unable to understand everything as it would be if it was like this:

Legacy:This Legacy:is Legacy:a Legacy:demonstration Legacy:of Legacy:how Legacy:awkward Legacy:it Legacy:is Legacy:to Legacy:use Legacy:the Legacy:wiki Legacy:when Legacy:all Legacy:the Legacy:words Legacy:have Legacy:"Legacy" Legacy:before Legacy:them.

Here is the deciphered text:

This is a demonstration of how awkward it is to use the wiki when all the words have "Legacy" before them.

To do this, when it came to this template, I found an initial problem. I'll highlight it below, and show what I did, with help from my fellow gamers. :)

The original line showed this (you'll have to look at it in edit mode to see the code):


...or at least something similar (I had to edit this one to Legacy:Magic from Legacy_Magic)

I wanted to keep the hoverover, and keep the link to go to the Legacy:Magic page, but hide the word "Legacy".

After fiddling around a few times, HoraK suggested I use the boxed-in Magic. This was a good idea, but I hadn't changed the "link=yes" section to "link=no". So it wasn't working, and in fact, it wasn't even displaying the newly added information. Once the link was changed to a "no", then...VOILA!!!...it worked beautifully...but man...the hover text disappeared.

Here is how the section looked after finishing it:


So, we needed another solution. Once again, HoraK came to the rescue and suggested I add in something. It now looked like this (after removing the text that was in the original hoverover section):


NOW we were in business, so I went ahead and edited the other links. Very happy now.

Thank you fellow team mates for sharing your knowledge. It helps things greatly when we can all put our heads together in constructive ways.

- Speiros (talk) 11:32, 6 February 2021 (UTC)