The Rewrite

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The Rewrite is the name that was given to a time-spatial, multi-dimensional mana cataclysm, which causes history to rewrite itself in order to accommodate important changes in the Plane of Mana.

It affects all beings in existence, including the very fabric of reality itself; being able to modify both cause and effects of events as they are currently known. It is a paradox in itself, creating causes for the effects which were in fact originally caused by it.

Each time a Rewrite happens, it has to take into account the effects and causes from the previous rewrite. As such, the rewrites not only try to hide their very existence, but every successive rewrite exposes secrets which a prior rewrite would have kept hidden.

The First Rewrite

The First Rewrite's exact causes are still unknown. As far as old legends goes, the time between the original existence and first rewrite consists of an era of many great dragons, their fight and eventual reduction to only eight elements. During this era, the First Race was born, sentient beings that resembled today's Talpans. The First Race was used as pawns in the fight between the great dragons. What caused the first rewrite and the birth of the First Race remains a mystery.

The objective of the dragons' fight was dominion over the Mana Source. Only its existence is known, at least after the next few rewrites, and even so, with omissions. The Mana Seed is thought to be a small piece of the Mana Source. From it we can guess that the Mana Source is some type of hub of powerful energy.

The period until the first rewrite corresponds to 2004~2006 in real time.

The Second Rewrite

The second era corresponds to a great catastrophe and times of great struggles. Having been forcefully divided in four species/races, with the Talpan race being the most predominant; What once used to be eight elements, was reduced to four elements, with the original other four (namely: Metal, Plant, Lightning and Ice) being reduced to subelements, or combinations.

The Great Dragons Race was reduced to only four; Which were known at that time by different names. Whatever caused the First Rewrite also put the four last Great Dragons to a semi-eternal sleep.

During this time, a great city by the name of Keshlam was destroyed. This information persists through every Rewrite and seems to be what is referred to as a "Fixed Event" in the time-continuum. What destroyed the city is unclear, but it may have also been the cause of the First Rewrite.

This era, from the first to the second rewrite, corresponds to 2007~2010 in real time.

The Third Rewrite

This is the era in which The Mana World: Legacy happens.

For reasons still unknown at the time of the Rewrite, the Great Dragon of Air - now known as Nu'Rem - went on a rampage around the entire world of Gasaron, destorying everything in its path. The cause of this is unclear but is attributed to Zax De'Kagen (a being devoid of mana, in a sense, a mana eater).

The other Great Dragons had no choice other than suppressing one of their own kind, while Jande, the Great Dragon of Earth, pacified what remained of Gasaron.

During this era, The Great Dragons remained unknown to the races of the world - only three at the time. The towns of Tulimshar, Hurnscald, and Nivalis were brought fully in existence, by the power of Di'Tal (Tulimshar/Fire), Jande (Hurnscald/Earth) and Tal (Nivalis/Water). This is seen as the most prosperous era for The Mana World. Until the very end, when Zax De'Kagen made his reapparance.

Jande, having sensed Zax De'Kagen, instead of letting these events be hidden by the rewrites, decided to use a group of adventurers (which at this time are mostly Talpans) to face Zax, as a way to intefer with the rewrites itself.

The fight ensues. The effects from the third rewrite are most likely fixed events, like the doom of Keshlam; But the causes are still volatile. Only the Doomsday Event shall determine the exact details of how the next rewrite will happen.

This era, from the second to the third rewrite, corresponds to 2011~2020 in real time.

The Fourth Rewrite

This is the era in which The Mana World: rEvolt happens.

It is impossible, at the time this wiki article was written, to determine its characteristics. All this is still under a volatile state, and only the Doomsday Event will shed light and determine many specifics of how this fourth era will begin.

This era, from the third to the fourth rewrite, corresponds to 2020~actuality in real time.