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Sanguine Vault Arena


The Sanguine Vault is an underground clandestine bar. In similar style to Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, this arena is for the great fight nights, while the audience enjoys a few drinks from the Bartender. Battle Master will conduct your fights, while it is refereed and announced by Rouge.

What to do there

Sit down and enjoy the special of the day. It is a Steak and a Beer, cooked to your liking and served to you by Garçon, while being entertained by the competitors. It will satisify you at only 450GP. You may like to try his other recipes, such as the Chicken Leg with Legacy Pickled Beets for 3250GP. If you feel like something to drink other than a Beer, Bartender has a decent selection of other non-alcoholic beverages for your refreshment.

Buy and Trade

Have Fun

Quest Developers
Scenario Serene, Toxicodendron
Programming meko
Contributor(s) wushin
Graphic Artists
Maps wushin
Tile graphics N/A
NPCs Serene (Bartender & Rouge), Toxicodendron (Garçon & Battle Master)
Items N/A
Sound fx N/A
Music Kevin MacLeod
Quality Assurance
Testers Serene, Toxicodendron, wushin, CrazyK8e, Johanne, ...