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At the moment this page is only a sandbox. The goal is to create a location sample page along with a suiting template and category. Please do not use it yet.
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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World.

This article is for reference purpose

The features described in this article are already implemented in the game. The article should describe how a certain aspect of the game currently works. You may of course edit this article to improve the description of the circumstances. Your opinions or improvement suggestions about the described aspects themself are of course appreciated, too. But please put these on the discussion page of this article to keep facts and fiction separated.

Location details
Map(s)009-1, 009-2

General information and geography

Here goes general information about the location and how to find it. For example:

Hurnscald is a calm city which is located near the woodland area. This city is the main center of many quests in game. All players gather into this town to talk, to get their storage or bank, etc. Hurnscald is at the moment the only town of Argaes Continent. To find it user the ferry and exit it at Hurnscald/Woodlands, it's the symbol with the tree, and go straight west into the city.


A list of all quests starting (only starting!) in this location and maybe some words about them. For example:


A list of all NPCs in this location and maybe some words about them. This might overlap with Quests. For example:


A list of all monsters in this location and maybe some words about them. For example: