My name is David Del Re

email: norsteinbekkler(at)



To date, I've worked mostly on world concept and design and like many of the other people involved with this project's development, I don't have as much "TMW-time" as I would like. I found this project during my brief brush with Linux and even though I've long since returned to the incomparable drudgery of Windows, I still enjoy being part of the TMW team.

One day, I might extend my hand to help graphic and/or music & sound development, but as of yet, I have not really made a proper effort to become active in either of those departments. For now or at least, until someone more skilled and willing comes along, I will continue to write conceptually for the official fantasy server. In the future however, I would very much like to develop another game using TMW, but with a post-apocalyptic setting.

Other "Mana Worlds" I would like to see, some day:

  • a D&D Clone
  • something using a Final Fantasy-inspired job system
  • frickin Star Wars, man