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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World.

Welcome to The Mana World (TMW)!

This getting started guide will guide you through downloading and installing the client. It will also help you create a game account, connecting to the server, and trouble shooting. In short it will help you with everything that is needed to start playing the game.

Downloading the client & Installation of the client

The Mana World recommends the ManaPlus Client to play the game. In this guide we will assume you use the ManaPlus Client. Other clients may work, but are not supported.

An installation guide about how to install the ManaPlus client can be found here:

Creating your game account

Register game account.png
A correctly filled in form

Before you can play the game, you will need to create a game account. At the moment this can only be done on the website. To create an account please click on the 'Create Game Account' link in the navigation bar or click here.

Fill in the form correctly, and press 'Register'.

Starting the client

After installing the client, you will see that there are several options to start the client.

  • Manaplus
  • Manaplus (no opengl)
  • Manaplus (safemode)
  • Manaplus (tests)

It is recommend to use the 'Manaplus' option.

Connecting to the server

After starting the game you will be asked to select a server. Since we want to play The Mana World, please select it and click 'Connect'. The client will now ask for your username and password. Since we already have created the game account, you can now log in. If you however have not created an account yet, you can click 'Register'.

For now please leave the Update option on 'Normal', and the 'Custom update host' unchecked. Changing these options might break the game.

Click 'Login' to login.


The client will start downloading the latest resources that are needed to play the game. Please wait until it is finished, and then click 'Play'.

Creating your character

To create a character click an empty space and then click 'Create'. Here you can give the character a name, and customize the hair. You are also required to set the inital stats. Do not worry too much about the initial stats as they can be changed ingame later.

Congratulations, you can now play the game! Continue to part 2.