ElvenProgrammer The Mana World admin & programmer


An interview with ElvenProgrammer: (feel free to add your questions, if I like them I will answer )

Q: Who are you?

A: A nice person, isn't it?

Q: Are you male or female?

A: I'm a true male!

Q: Where do you come from?

A: From the old romantic Italy.

Q: What about your interests?

A: Well for the moment I'm trying to become a pixel artist. I think you can get a lot of money as a pixel artist

Q: I like your nickname and your signature in the forum, can I use them?

A: I've stolen the signature somewhere, until I find something to say to the world. So it's not my right to say "No don't use it!". About the nickname, well I'm pretty proud of it, but if you want it, please feel free to, I won't commit suicide only for this reason. (Maybe I'll kill you ? )

Q: Do you think The Mana World will never get to an end?

A: 10:10 Mana Egg: ElvenProgrammer, my 8-ball says you're too high to ask that.

Q: The price of potatoes have increased by 35% in canada,what did yu plan to do for the potatoes crisis?

A: Thank you for the question Sull. That's obvious, we will invest TMW donations to the poors canadians, so they won't suffer from famine.

Q: Do you hate Sull?

A: Let's say I tolerate him... :P

Q: Do you like music?

A: Of course I like listening to music. Who doesn't? My favourite groups are "The Doors", "Dire Straits", "Guns & Roses", "Pearl Jam", "Led Zeppelin", "Deep Purple". Yes I like old music, something to say about it? -_- During summer I listen to recorded nature sounds. Rain or storm sounds help me to concentrate while studying, especially if outside it's sunny and 40°C.

Q: Will you answer my question? Psstt..this isnt's..Chetic?

A: I'm here to answer every question ;)

Q: Refering to your answer to question 4; Don't you think money is the worst reason to become an artist? With you being the founding father of an opensource project.

A: Oh well, everyone needs a job right?

Q: Do you think Pearl Jam will release their next album before Apocalypse arrives?

A: I've just been at the phone with a Sony manager, he told me there will be a new collection soon.

Q: When the new version of TMW will be released?

A: I usually don't like this answer, but I'd say when it's ready.

Q: Why your nickname is "ElvenProgrammer"???

A: I'd say why not? Or maybe it's just I am another dude in love with elves.

Q: When was TMW born?

Our SF page states: "Registered : 2004-04-11 02:20"

Q: Uh... who is the elven on your avatar? Zelda? A new tmw sprite? :D

It's Link from Zelda: the wind waker. I was playing this game at that time, so...